Strange frenzy in Madrid: the end of the Netflix phenomenon begins


Two years of filming. nine scenarios. 800 pages of text. weird things returns May 27 at Netflix with a new season, fourth, set to air on the streaming platform after weeks of bad headlines with the most ambitious of his series. A full-fledged blockbuster in which two of its main characters, Natalia Dyer D Charlie Heatonpromoted at the Rosewood Villa Magna hotel in Madrid after a massive premiere in Callao.

Couple in real life, two young performers are very knowing that the end is near. The series is over – another season in the works, the last one – and hopefully the start of a good career from the laurels gathered with the creation of the Duffer Brothers, a series that channeled all the generational nostalgia for the culture popular at the time. 80s and here begins to acquire even more awesome shades.

“We are a big family of producers and directors and it helps us not to feel that pressure. We felt like we were going back and do what we did in the first season”Dyer said, trying to bring this fourth year – filmed during the pandemic – closer to the series’ origins…only on a massive scale.

“It’s hard to talk about a show without talking about the pandemic and without talking about the show,” he said of the highly feared spoilers. “It has been noted that filming has slowed down, but this is a very big season with a lot of storylines. It was always fun and we really enjoyed it.”

Charlie Heaton, the English actor who has managed to capitalize on his TV character’s fame to make the leap to film, sees his character, Jonathan Byers, much more relaxed and confident this new season. “This season the characters leave Hawkins, I separate from Nancy and there is a sense of rejection and she remembers her friends. I’m dating Argyle (Eduardo Franco),” he said of the new character, who “brought energy to the story. We improvised a lot. We came up with scenes to make the whole crew laugh.”

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Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer | gtre

Natalia Dyer had to answer questions about the power of female characters in weird things. She noted how “strong and completely defined” these characters are, led by Eleven, a telepathic girl, although she gives “all the credit to the script for taking care of character development and for Nancy finding her own voice, listening to her intuition.” The character arc was a good ride.”

No one hides, on the contrary, that this season is a gigantic project, even more than the already ambitious third season, where the presence of special effects and ever larger scenes was forced and increased. Heaton notes that when it came to filming, another complication arose:This season more than any other, we filmed it without a commission., with scenes from all episodes. It was difficult and confusing,” he said of the general need in filming to not film in chronological order what happens in the script.

One of the great novelties and winks for 80s fans is the appearance of an actor in the cast. Robert Englund, Freddy Krueger himself. Natalia Dyer, not coincidentally playing a character named Nancy as the heroine of A Nightmare on Elm Street (one of a dozen winks the Duffers have infused the series with), reflects. “When we started the first season, Duffers recommended films to us and we had to see this film, there is a connection between these films and this. It didn’t scare me too much. It was amazing to work with him, he is a positive energy and without leaving spoilers he has a brainy monologue that he put a lot of emotion into. All of a sudden you have great moments of action but his was like Master Class“.

Charlie Heaton, a Briton, decided to end on a note of cultural humor. Asked how he adapted to the series about 1980s American culture, he pointed to the difficulty with his accent. “I sent a casting video. There was such a relationship between the character and me with the music, they saw something and chose me. The agent was an important part. I can’t tune in, but the most difficult thing for me was to say “Nancy”. They scream at me like I had to say it and there was no way“, – he said about the differences in the pronunciation of this name (“nancy” for Americans, “nancy” for the English).


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