Stradivarius “virtual fitting room” with which you can choose the look of your mobile


As society evolves, so does fashion. More and more stores are investing in online shopping, something that has been installed in our lives for a long time. But in addition to online shopping, it is now also possible to “try” the look from your mobile. A new reality that we have witnessed Metaverse Fashion Week and it is now at hand thanks to Stradivarius.

The fashion company in the Inditex group is committed to technology to offer new ways to bring fashion closer to the public. Stradivarius has reinvented itself to invest in an industry called Digital Fashion: carrying the future now.

The first of these virtual collections is called Blueming and is already available online for the brand’s customers. This collection focuses on denim fabrics, but also floral patterns, metallic garments, corsets and garments with asymmetrical cuts. It is a new concept that tries to adapt to the dress codes of the future.

One of the dresses from the new collection. / Stradivarius

Access to this collection and the online tester is quite simple. All you have to do is go into the brand’s application in the digital fashion field, take a new picture of yourself or choose one from our gallery and start trying on the clothes. Then you can download the image and share it on a network.

Although Stradivarius is a pioneering brand when it comes to investing in this concept, the truth is that everything points to the fact that from now on, more and more companies will invest in this trend. There is no doubt that online shopping has been a reality for a long time, but there are still people who are reluctant because the clothes do not always look the same as you see on the models. An inconvenience that now, thanks to this kind of virtual rehearsal rooms, It is very easy to solve, because it allows us to get a pretty clear idea of ​​what a certain look looks like on our body.

This trend is also consistent with the prevailing philosophy in the fashion world, which tends towards sustainable garments, with organic and sustainable production and which avoids mass consumption of fast fashion

Stradivarius is not the first brand in the Inditex group to invest in digital fashion. In fact, recently the house’s flagship, Zara presented a collection in collaboration with the Korean brand add error to dress avatars. A revolutionary venture that challenges the cannons we are used to. As this is the case and given the rapid development of the textile industry, there is no doubt that the future, even in the field of fashion, is digital. What are you waiting for to try? You have it with the click of a button.

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