Stradivarius corset to wear with an open shirt


By now, we’re clear on that the corset is the star of spring’s garments. All companies, both luxury and low cost, have given up on its charm, and we’re starting to see it in the styles of fashion experts. We may think that the corset is exclusive for special occasions, but the truth is that when we know how to combine it, we can wear it in everyday life, to go to work or go for a walk.

In it Stradivarius’ new collection For this season, we have signed a corset with several details that make it a garment that we need, yes or yes, in our wardrobe. It is orange, which does not have a particularly good reputation in the fashion world because it is considered too flashy and difficult to combine.

But it does not matter if we like them neutral and discreet tones or if we are more risky. There is always a way to integrate an orange garment, like the Stradivarius corset, into the essentials of our spring to get the most out of all our looks.

In addition, according to color psychology, orange is related to emotions such as positivity and joy. Without a doubt, this is one of the big reasons to consider introducing it in our wardrobe.

The corset has darling neckline, the favorite of wedding dresses because it is most flattering and elegant. The straps are thin and it has cup details. For all this, we have to put the honeycomb panel on the back, which means that the corset adapts wonderfully to the shape of the body.

One of the best ideas that comes to mind for us to wear the Stradivarius corset is with one white open shirt. In this way we can achieve a very stylish but informal look. For the bottom, a high-waisted jeans it is a very good option. If we want to give the look a feeling of joy without making it look excessive, we can also choose pants in pastel color, such as green or rose quartz.

The corset has become a real bestseller in the Stradivarius online store. It has only been available for a few days and there are already some sizes about to run out. We can find it from size XS to XL and it has a price € 15.99.

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