Stores are prepared for Halloween


Thunderstorms, bodyguards, and heightened resurgence of municipal security are some of the precautions the nation’s merchants are taking ahead of the weekend of Witches’ Day, when concerted fighting is rumored to have fallen. in uniform at the Puerto Rico police.

In agreement with merchants, they have historically made additional security adjustments for Halloween to protect the business, and they have pledged that it will be strengthened this time, although they are confident that the threat from some police officers will not materialize.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCPR) Luis Girbolini expressed confidence that there will be no weapons in the uniform, based on the words of Police Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa, who assured that there will be enough police on the island. on the street to guarantee the peace and safety of citizens.

“As always, merchants will take additional steps for this holiday to protect their businesses. Many are closing shutters to protect their businesses, hiring private security guards and even sleeping in their factories so that nothing happens to them, ”Girbolini said.

According to United Retailer Center (CUD) President Jesús E. Vasquez, the situation presents additional uncertainty for sellers and additional costs for operations, as many will close their factories earlier, while others hire additional private security.

“The merchants’ finances are already depleted and now they will have to incur additional security costs in case something should happen. The police are very important to our business. We also trust the active participation of the municipal police, who always help us, but we must admit that there are very few of them, ”said Vasquez.

For his part, Ivan Baez, president of the Retail Association (Acdet), said that while he believes things are going orderly, he did not rule out that many businesses are expanding their investments in private security.

“I do not foresee serious incidents. We have excellent relations with the Minister of Security and the Police Commissioner, and we know that if something happens we can turn to them, ”he said.

Association of Mayors responds

Association of Mayors President Luis J. Hernandez pointed out that although nothing has been coordinated with the government to face a possible police stop, the municipalities are ready to resolve any situation they face with the few resources available.

“We are going to guarantee peace and protection to our people, without pretending to occupy the field of the state police. Relying on the municipal police to resolve an unforeseen situation like the one mentioned is not a responsible business, ”Hernandez said.

He noted that during Halloween, historically, more police shifts take place on the street.

“At the moment, we will create municipal logistics to provide assistance in the event of an emergency,” he said.

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