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Top Twelve Games That Are Like Stonehearth (Free & Paid) Stonehearth is a village building and colony management simulation game that rose to fame a few years ago. Although it still has a certain number of players, most of them have moved on and left the game MORE ABOUT

Top Twelve Games That Are Like Stonehearth (Free & Paid)

The fact that the developers have abandoned the game entirely, with only a few mods to keep it company, is a significant contributor to this problem. You’re in luck if you’re a Stonehearth fan who’s no longer interested in the game and is looking for other options. We have put together a list of games that are comparable to Stonehearth so that you can continue building cities and towns without interruption. Please review this guide for information on the most viable alternatives to Stonehearth.

Alternatives to the game Stonehearth (2022)

  1. Rim World Inc.
    RimWorld is a space-Themed building game that uses a top-down perspective and begins the list with a sci-fi colony as the setting. Popular city-building video games such as Fortress, Space Dwarves, and Dune served as the motivation for the development of RimWorld. When you start playing RimWorld, you will be placed on a shipwreck in an unknown world with three other survivors. Now it’s up to you to make sure these settlers can make it through this new world and even thrive there.

You are in charge of managing the emotions of the colonists, as well as their needs, their health and even the fight. Your colonists each have their own distinct personalities and will behave in accordance with those qualities. As a builder, it is your responsibility to not only build complete structures, but also defend them from enemy attacks. Combine your settlers with other animals to add even more variation to your game.
“Rimworld is powered by an intelligent AI storyteller that generates the narrative by simulating world elements such as psychology, ecology, gunplay, melee combat, weather, biomes, and more.” “Rimworld is powered by an intelligent AI storyteller that generates the narrative by simulating elements of the world.” This indicates that every event that takes place in the game is both planned and subject to chance. Get ready for the challenges this Stonhearth alternative will bring you as you manage your colony and recruit new people.

Top Twelve Games That Are Like Stonehearth (Free & Paid)
Top Twelve Games That Are Like Stonehearth (Free & Paid)
  1. Excommunicated
    There are several ways in which the game Banished is comparable to Stonehearth. The game takes inspiration from Stonehearth’s visual aesthetic and places an emphasis on the world-building process. Banished is an RPG that puts you in control of a band of banished travelers who have nothing to their name except the clothes on their backs and a cart. You are now tasked with taking the exiled people and resetting their lives from scratch.


The people in Banished, like those in Rimworld, have lives of their own and go through the motions of a typical life cycle, which includes aging, finding employment, raising families, and eventually passing away. People have over twenty options to choose from when it comes to careers, and it’s your responsibility to make those careers viable options for them. Building cities in this game is really easy, which is one of the many positive aspects of the game. You don’t need to wait for buildings to unlock to build any construction; rather, you can do it as long as you have the necessary resources. Outcasts can trade their resources with trading ships that come ashore, even though the game does not include a currency system. These boats are also essential to the administration of the city’s food distribution system.

However, keep in mind that along with the ships, there is a risk of new diseases spreading, which could lead to death. This alternative to Stonehearth will require some strategy to ensure that your city is prosperous and doesn’t fall into a state of hopelessness because there are so many different aspects to take care of.

Banished is available on Steam for $19.99.

  1. cities: skylines
    Cities: Skylines is a game with similarities to Stonehearth, however, it takes place in the 21st century and offers a unique perspective. You have the role of mayor in the game and one of your responsibilities is to build an entire city from scratch. Although it may seem like a simple task at first glance, Cities: Skylines presents a variety of realistic obstacles that make it difficult to build and manage a metropolis. The simulation mechanic pushes you to deal with additional factors, even though you can structure your city any way you choose and build as many buildings as you like. This indicates that as mayor you will be responsible for managing the different demands of the city, including the economy, the police, the health system, the water supply, the electricity supply and, of course, the traffic. You can divide your space into districts, set policies, and more. The city will experience day and night cycles, as well as things like changes in traffic patterns.


The residents of Skylines respond to events and objects in their environment, just like the citizens of other city building simulation games. So you may not be appreciated if you don’t manage your city in the best possible way. Cities: Skylines, as you can probably guess by now, is a city building game that not only lets you create but also takes the building process to an extra level. When you decide to try this other option, proceed with caution.

You can get Cities: Skylines for $29.99 on Steam.

  1. frostpunk
    Frostpunk is a survival game set in a futuristic society that takes things in a more sinister way. This is to be expected given that the game was developed by the same people who were responsible for the survival game This War of Mine. In Frostpun.



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