Steven Spielberg says ‘it wasn’t comfortable for me’ to turn the camera on his life in ‘The Fabelmans’ –


Paul Dano, Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen in ‘The Fabelmans’ (Photo: Universal)

Any filmmaker will tell you that every movie they make is personal.

Steven Spielberg is not just any filmmaker. Director of jaws, Eastern Time, in search of the lost ark, Jurassic Park, schindler’s list, Saving Private Ryan Y West Side Story he’s in a class of his own when it comes to the profound, pop-culture-altering impact his films have had over the decades. But even the 75-year-old maestro subscribes to the idea that each work is an intimate experience for him.

“There’s nothing more personal than committing to direct something,” Spielberg told us ahead of the release of his latest, The Fabelmans.

But it is indisputable that the filmmaker’s 35th feature film is his the majority Personal work to date. The more than semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story follows a young Spielberg, um, Sammy Fabelman (played as a teenager by Gabriel LaBelle), as he falls in love with movies as a child and begins running amazing, well-designed houses. movies when he was a preteen and finally, through his camerawork, discovers that there might be something going on between his mother (Michelle Williams) and his father’s (Paul Dano) best friend (Seth Rogen). .

“I’ve never had myself, for such an extended period of time, in real history,” Spielberg tells us. “And that itself was Kafkaesque. … I never got used to it. It was not comfortable for me. But when [the actors’] the mojos were at that critical point…


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