Steps of wiring a Keystone Jack

Steps of wiring a Keystone Jack

Wiring is a thing that is being done at a very large scale around us in today’s world. We need wiring when we are going for any setup that involves cables and networking in it. A wiring system can be of LAN or Ethernet. Doing a wiring system becomes very easy when you have the equipment and stuff with you that are required in a wiring setup. In a wiring setup among all the important things, there is this one thing that plays a very essential role in it and it is a keystone jack. A keystone jack is used in data communication in a wiring setup. They are also called module connectors in wall plates or patch panel.  There are some steps that are followed to wire a keystone jack. Read about the steps below.

Strip it:
This is the first step that has to be done when wiring a keystone jack. For this step, you should have two things with you. The first thing that you should have is a twisted pair of cable. You don’t have to worry about the suitability if you pick an RJ-45 connector that is suitable with any cable like Cat 6 plenum cable 1000 ft, Cat 5e bulk cables, and others. The second you should have is a wire stripper. Cut the outer sheet of the twisted pair cable at a decent length that is suitable for a jack. Make sure to not move the cable longer inside the stripper as it can cut the wires underneath too.

When you will get done by the first setup, you will be able to see wires of different colors in that twisted pair cable. Al you have to do is separate the wires by color. Just make sure to not stretch the wires when separating. 

Choose a configuration:
After separating the wires you have to take a jack and open the cap of it. After opening the cap of the jack you will be able to see the wire configurations being printed on the jack name A and B. You have to select between the configurations as per choice. Making this choice you have to make sure that the configuration you select should be the same one at the other end of the jack.

Place the wires:
After selecting the correct configuration step ahead to place the wires in the keystone jack. In the jack, you will be able to see different color lines. You have to place the wires correspondingly in jack. For example, if you have to place a blue wire in it so you have to find a blue color line there and then place it. Extend the wire from the slot to its maximum length.

Punch Down Wires:
After placing the wires in the correct slots you have to find a punch down tool. A punch down tool helps in punching the wires into the jack. Align the tool on the outer edge of the jack. You have to punch down each wire properly by putting it on every wire and pressing it until you hear a loud click. This will indicate to you that the wire is punched successfully.

This step reassures a person. When you are done punching all the wires successfully you need to check once that the wires are punched tightly at the ends of the jack. The second thing that you need to check is that have you placed the wires correctly in their desired color line. You are good to go if both things are done correctly.

Place the jack:
After you are done making sure that the wires are punched successfully then you have to place the jack into a mounting box. For that open a mounting box. You will be able to see a frame to get your jack adjusted into. Place your jack in the frame. The cables of the jack will be easily inserted into the zip ties. Once the cables are inserted in the zip ties successfully you will feel like you are done, but an important step is left that is mentioned below.

Place the cover:
After mounting the jack into the mounting box successfully you have to put back its cover that you took off in the first setup to place and punch the wires in the jack. Make sure that you out the cover properly and tightly back to the jack. Once the cover is placed on it, your jack is good to go then.

Keystone wall plates are the ones in which your keystone jack is placed into. You can place your jack in the wall plate. When you are done replacing and punching the wires you can just find the cover of the jack and place it successfully and after that place the jack assembly firmly into the wall plate. Then screw the wall plate into the wall.

These were the steps of wiring a keystone jack successfully without any mistake. We told you the maximum steps that you can follow you to wire it. Follow each one of them properly.