Stephen Curry criticizes Golden State Warriors directors for not signing Ben Simmons


TOs start Nba the season is approaching, one of the teams looking to make a strong impression is Golden State Warriors

With Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Clay ThompsonThe Warriors will certainly be a competitive team this season, but it is widely believed that further investment is still needed to make the team a real contender for the NBA championship.

Lack of investment pissed off Curryas he said when asked if the franchise would sign Ben Simmons on the “Brother From Another” podcast this week.

“Let’s say if you don’t have these conversations, then you are not trying, let’s just say,” said Curry

Curry, Green and Thompson have made it clear to the directors of the club that they need another top-tier player to compete with the NBA championship, and they are getting more impatient every day.

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