Stephen Curry broke the heart of LeBron James and sees no chance to play together


Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James“the intention to play alongside his colleague and, in the collective imagination, arch-rival, Golden State WarriorsStephen Curry definitely caught the attention of the “Chef” and his reaction was immediate, although of course it was not what the “King” expected.

LeBron James Choice

James chose Curry as the active player he would most like to play with as a teammate this Wednesday, a compliment that was happily accepted by the man with most three-pointers in NBA historyhowever, the idea of ​​playing together was not so well received.

“It’s phenomenal,” Curry told Matt Steinmetz and Daryl “The Guru” Johnson at 95.7 The Game. “He got his wish, as captain, he chose me for the last two All-Star Games. So I don’t know if this is enough but i’m fine now.”

Curry vs. LeBron: Four NBA Finals in a row

Curry and James met in four straight NBA Finals in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, winning three with the Warriors and one with Cleveland Cavaliersso the hypothetical meeting would be the first time that two opponents in so many Larry O’Brien Trophy competitions would be on the same team.

“Whenever you have an interest or curiosity about what it’s like to play with MVP caliber dude the way he is and one of the greatest of all time, cool, that’s amazing,” he said. “We can all live in this fantasy world.”

LeBron James still had a year left on his contract with the Lakers and didn’t hesitate to form superteams with the idea of ​​winning championships, the Warriors added. Kevin Duran at the moment, however, according to Stephen Curry, this meeting is not in his plans, at least not yet.


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