Staveley says it’s ‘unfair’ that Abramovich has to sell Chelsea


Amanda Stavelyco-owner Newcastle Uniteddoesn’t think it’s right Roman Abramovich It has Chelsea “taken away” from him after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Abramovichrelationship with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin was questioned and Chelsea the owner is banned from entering the United Kingdom, prompting him to decide to sell the club.

“We will always have geopolitical problems.” Stavely This was announced on Thursday at the Business of Football summit organized by the Financial Times. “I am very sad that someone will be taken away from a football club because of the relationship that he can have with someone.

“To be honest, I don’t think it’s particularly fair. But we have to consider all our relationships.”

Newcastle property

Stavely continued to discuss Newcastleown ownership structure and insisted that Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF)who owns 80% magpiesit is not the same as the Saudi state.

“We must always be challenged” Stavely added. “One thing we showed in the Premier League [ownership] the test was that this separation was. We and PIF run the club ourselves.

“One great thing is that it took four years to buy. Newcastle we had a great opportunity to see every club, including Chelsea,” she said. “Chelsea wonderful club, but there was only one club for us and there will always be only one club for us.

“We like the challenge of buying a club in 20th position. [in the league] and get to the top.”

Who will buy Chelsea?

Currently, a consortium led by Todd Pain as well as Hansjörg Wyss looks like the most likely to buy Chelsea bold Abramovich. Boeliwho owns a part Los Angeles Dodgersreportedly offered £2.2bn for Chelsea abandoned in 2019.

Abramovich The deadline for completing the sale is believed to be March 15th.


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