Stars Hollow town hall meetings took a full day to film – NewsFinale


gilmore girls, At first glance, it may not seem like an overly complex series to film. Much of the show was filmed on a Warner Bros. lot designed specifically for the series. That might have made things logistically simpler, but some of the show’s most beloved scenes were the ones that took the longest to film. The beloved Stars Hollow town hall meeting scenes could take hours to film for the cast and crew, even though they were fairly short when one episode aired. You might be surprised to find out how long those scenes took to film.

It took over 12 hours to film a single Stars Hollow town reunion scene.

While the Stars Hollow town hall meetings were an essential part of the show, they didn’t take up as much screen time. When a town hall meeting was included in an episode, it rarely took up more than a minute or two of the episode. However, they did not rush to film. According to Teen Vogue, the town meeting scenes often began filming at 7 a.m. and filming often didn’t wrap until 10 p.m. The cast and crew could spend up to 15 hours filming the iconic scenes.


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