Starbucks Japan is releasing a second Christmas Frappuccino for 2022, but is it as good as the first?


A surprising departure from the usual holiday flavors.

Every year, Starbucks pampers its customers with not one but two limited-edition Christmas Frappuccinos, and after trying out its first Christmas offer in 2022, it’s now offering a… Frappuccino Strawberry-Velvet Brownieour reporter K. Masami returned to her local branch on November 30 for the second round of celebrations.

▼ The second limited-time drink is Mille-feuille Frappuccino Caramel Butter (690 yen [US$4.98]).

The warm golden hues of the sign itself were a welcome sight on the cold morning Masami visited, and when she received her drink, it looked as good in real life as it did on the poster.

Frappuccino features custard sauce, butter caramel sauce, fiantine and cake crumbs in the base, with fiantine, cake crumbs and even more butter caramel sauce on top for added texture and flavor.

▼ Fiantine is a pancake batter that is thinly stretched, baked and broken into tiny pieces.

All the crisp, crunchy pieces of dough on top replicate the mille-feuille texture well, tempting the taste buds with buttery notes that create a sublime partnership with the sweet, rich, milky caramel flavor of the drink. The pudding sauce makes itself felt here and there, giving it a pudding flavor.

For those who prefer warm drinks, the cold drink is joined by the so-called Mille-feuille caramel butter lattesshort for Venti sizes for 550-680 yen which includes butter caramel sauce, pudding sauce, espresso, foamed milk.

▼ Like the Frappuccino, this drink is topped with caramel sauce, fiantine and breadcrumbs.

The addition of espresso to the mix here adds a bit of bitter sweetness, and the heat helps to melt the crumble, making it softer on the palate. The combination of flavors is warming and comforting – like a hug on a cold winter’s day.

When Masami tried her drinks at Starbucks in the Kansai region near Osaka, she was also able to buy a “Shaken Meal”.

▼ A shaken soy Bolognese meal costs 460 yen.

Masami had heard that some branches in the region already offered them, but this was the first time she had seen them at her local branch, so she was excited to try them out.

▼ As the name suggests, this meal is simply shaken and eaten.

The cup was filled to the brim with salad ingredients, which made it a bit difficult for her to eat, but she certainly wasn’t complaining by the masses. The sauce was flavorful and worked its way through the entire salad, creating a tasty, healthy and filling meal.

▼ Salad was a great way to reduce guilt after consuming two Starbucks creamy drinks.

As always, Starbucks drinks won’t be available for long as they will only be on the menu until Christmas. So get in quick if you want to try them and there’s an array of Christmas treats on the menu for you to try!

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