Star Wars fans leak footage of The Mandalorian season 3 trailer

BUT A fan bootleg Star Wars video has revealed the first trailer for the new season of Star Wars. The Mandalorian season 3before the official release of which is still far away.

This short video, which is just over a minute long, shows the other Mandalorian survivors from the Empire’s sewer purge and the uprising that helped Din Djarin and Grog escape in the show’s first season.

There’s also a scene from this supposed trailer for The Mandalorian 3 where Mando and Grogu are running from a fight in space inside an N-1 fighter jet he built during the Boba Fett Book episodes, which in addition to being fast, it seems very powerful when it comes to attack.

The gunsmith is back, but is she back to do good?

Known for forging the armor of surviving Mandalorian warriors. The gunsmith reappears, though apparently she could be a villain and is leading another group of soldiers, which is not surprising if they run into Grog and Mando in this third season.

What is the plot of the upcoming Mandalorian season?

Tiktok Johnny DeppAP

despues de grog agreed to leave the teachings Luke Skywalker follow your friend Din DjarinLooks like the couple will have many more great adventures to come.

Carl Weathers tells the inside

In fact, in an interview with Empire magazine, director and actor Carl Weathers revealed that the new episodes will be more intense than before.

“Oh there was a little more [action]“I think this one,” he says, adding that he will revolve around other episodes, “is a little different.” [to ‘The Siege’] because many of them had much more opportunities. But it also had many, many different stories within a story.”

The Mandalorian mixes different genres

“It’s different episodes, it’s not like a typical TV show. This is not a crime novel, black comedy or procedural series. It has a lot of different things, as well as action and adventure,” said Carl Weathers.

So there could be a big villain in this new installment that could be connected to what’s left of the Empire, which is probably still looking for the little one. Grog.

The Mandalorian 3 release date:

This new installment of the Star Wars cinematic universe still doesn’t have an official release date, even many scenes or chapters haven’t been completed because Peter Pascalwho gives life to Dean Djarin, also known as “Mando”, asked to postpone filming due to his difficult schedule.

However, the fact is that a lot of this has already been done, including the scenes where Pascal doesn’t need to show his face or speak. Although it is expected that The Mandalorian 3 The premiere will take place in February 2023, pending official confirmation.


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