Stand against the rain with these Decathlon wellies, now for only €20


It’s time to look for and buy those clothes and accessories that will protect you from the rain this winter. Look no further to stand up to the rain with these rubber boots decathlon.

They’re the ones you deserve so you don’t get wet and keep your legs warmer throughout the day.

How are Decathlon wellies?

is boots School and water riding shoes in black. The brand’s equestrian designers have created these versatile boots made of synthetic material for you, a beginner rider or rider.

But the most interesting thing is that It is not necessary to know about this sport, To be for everyone, because they protect our feet from the rain.

Among its characteristics, it is worth noting the great comfort they provide as they are easy to put on and support the ankle. They behave too great resistance by having a resistant synthetic material shaft for chafing the chair. The best thing is that they manage to adapt to the foot. And they are easy to use.

care tips

They are also easy to clean with clean water, ideal in the rain and they are also waterproof, all you need for those rainy days, as they are synthetic waterproof. to take care of them, it is enough to wash them with clean water with a slightly moistened sponge. In case of moisture in the boots, you must fill them with newspaper to absorb the moisture.

They should in turn be stored protected from moisture, preferably in a ventilated place. Hang upside down for easy drying.

what are they made of

The boots are made of 100% PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) exterior, with a 100% PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) sole and the interior is 100% polyamide.

how much rain boots cost

At Decathlon you will find a variety of garments for every type of sport and also for everyday use. In this case, such boots cost 19.99 euros in black and the available sizes from 36 to 43, in some numbers there are few sizes left, so hurry to have yours and by the way go before the rain that may come soon.

You must always go well supplied the best accessories, in order not to get cold and also protect you from bad weather such as rain and other things. You already have them on Decathlon’s website or in their physical stores. Don’t miss it!


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