Spotting the Best Handmade Gemstone Jewelry Collection

Opal jewelry is the prettiest jewelry which is specially made for people born in the month of October, and it belongs to the silicate mineral family. The beautiful stone shows the exceptional play of color, although the best quality stones come from Ethiopia and have supernatural powers. Opal jewelry has the shimmer, which makes it everyone's favorite, and this stone comes in an array of red, orange, yellow, white, pink, dull, red, olive, brown hues. They have ten percent of water inside them, as they have fallen from heaven in the flashes of lightning, and the person wearing the stone would be guarded. So stop your search and grab the trending collection of Opal jewelry at Rananjay Exports.

Being a woman, Jewelry is the one thing that purely feeds the soul and can quickly change a bad mood to a great one. While choosing the most perfect jewelry for yourself there might be a lot of features that will tick you. But what is common to which every woman would agree is that we all see certain emotions attached to our jewelry.

One gaze at the jewelry and we immediately feel or do not feel a connection with it and accordingly make our purchasing decision. Yet, we always need something that is purely exclusive and narrates its own lore.

What’s more authentic and purely exclusive other than handmade jewelry made out of pure love? Handmade Jewelry is the recently gained attraction and the talk of the town. This is why today, we are going to talk about what makes handmade jewelry to be the most fascinated jewelry type.

Here are a few points that might change your outlook on Handmade Gemstone Jewelry and might provoke you to definitely add one to your collection.

Time and Efforts

Handmade Jewelry is purely made without any inclusions of machinery. It is especially carefully made out by professional artisans and requires a lot of time and effort. Step by step going through various stages of designing, planning and actually implementing it to create hear-melting designs, these are purely a bliss. To create stunning designs perfectly, with expertise, a lot of patience is required and only a few can do that. This is one of the reasons why handmade jewelry is so rare.

People who love crystals in their most natural form and wants to involve them in their life will definitely adore hand-crafted beauty.


Earlier, there was no machinery and a lot of work was done purely through the hands of expert artisans. During that time, only handcrafted gemstone jewelry was available and only prestige people were able to afford such intricate designs for themselves. Owning a piece of handmade jewelry was a matter of status and pride.

Since the durability of these jewelry designs is quite high, it is a must-have and one should definitely add it into their collection.


These authenticate piece that requires so much effort and time definitely holds a high value associated with them. The cost of machinery-produced jewelry will always be less compared to the handmade one. A sense of personal touch and love adds to the value of the overall jewelry design. Rough crystals or raw crystals are highly adored in handmade jewelry because of their natural different shapes and sizes and people adore them in their utmost beauty. Similarly, Opal Jewelry is highly valued because of its elegance and high demand.


People who realize the value of something that is exclusive and rare definitely rests in their interest in handmade jewelry. It not just provides a feeling of personalization but also gives you that confidence of wearing something that is single-handedly owned by only one person that is you. You can choose to include Moonstone Jewelry to pair it up easily with different attires.

While purchasing gemstone jewelry, it is important to keep the quality and authenticity of the gemstones in mind. Thus, it is always suggested to purchase such a jewelry collection from a trusted brand. One such brand is Rananjay Exports which offers a wide variety of Gemstone Jewelry and thousand plus designs to choose from. They deal in two-hundred plus gems like Opal, Citrine, Moonstone, etc. You can explore the collection yourself and can even customize it according to your taste and preferences.

These are the few plus points which you get apart from tons of head-turns and specially asked questions. We hope that you enjoyed knowing handmade jewelry and this craft overall. Add one such masterpiece today.

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My name is Hadleigh Perez, and I have a keen interest in the field of writing. I have written a couple of articles on various gemstones and would love to express my opinion on more such stones. Hope it has maximized your knowledge of gemstone jewelry and satisfied your quest to buy wholesale Opal Ring from an authentic place. We believe in quality and offer the same in our information and products.


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