Sports Story About Key Release Date, Characters, Gameplay & More


Sports Story is a unique sports role-playing game. where a wide variety of sports and sports competitions turn into one epic story. Along the way, you will encounter a wide variety of characters who have made both friends and enemies. Sports Story is not just a story about sports, it’s a full-fledged sports adventure.

The sequel to the famous Golf Story, Sports Story will feature a variety of sports to play alongside activities that are obviously not sports related, such as dungeons and battles.

Besides learning at a tennis academy, you’ll be able to go on excursions to discover new obstacles and unlock different sports like BMX, volleyball and even cricket. It may be convenient for Americans to understand what wicket doors are used for.

To begin with, there are other games to add to the list such as beach volleyball, BMX biking, and mini golf. A shopping mall, multiple dungeons, a wet and wild hall, a goat-infested structure, a pirate railroad ship (train pirate ship?), Peacock ruins, and a shipyard football field, among countless new locations.

Sports Story Key Release Date


Sports Story makes a surprising cameo in its latest Nintendo Indie World presentation. New information about the game has been scarce as it has been indefinitely delayed from its original 2021 launch date, but Nintendo has officially confirmed it will launch in December 2022.

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Main Features

Sports Story

Play on eight different golf courses and become a pro. Climb the rankings of the tennis world tour. Build your own football team. You are in control of your athletic destiny.

Blast through the air by train, plane or speedboat as you explore dungeons, desolate ruins and mysterious Wildlands.

Upgrade your sports ranking to access new and interesting events like BMX, mini golf, cricket, volleyball and more.

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Sports Story: What Kind of Game?

Sports Story

Sports Story is similar to Golf Story as both titles are sports-themed role-playing games. If you’ve played Mario Golf or Mario Tennis on Nintendo Switch Color, you’ll feel right at home.

Yes, you will spend time participating in the activity, but ranking your different skills for each tournament will help you progress and gain an edge over your opponents.

Golf Story was primarily about golf, with side trips to hobbies like disc golf. As the name suggests, Sports Story expands this spectrum to include sports such as tennis, football, BMX, volleyball and fishing. This time you will even visit dungeons.


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