Sports broadcastingThe importance of proper preparation



The team and the roles of a sport broadcast

Any type of broadcast at a sports level is usually done as a team. However, in smaller categories it may be driven by only one person. In the event that it is a team, it is necessary that you define well the members that are going to make up the team and their roles. In general, it is usually made up of a main narrator, a technical analyst, a person on the field and the different direct points.

Therefore, one of the first key points is to understand what type of event you are going to narrate and what audience you will have. Based on this, the broadcaster will define the budget.  Narrating a Champions League final is very different than narrating a  tennis match in a minor tournament. Resources are more limited and so are staff. While in a tennis match a narrator is usually enough to explain how the match itself is progressing, a big event usually requires more staff.

For example, in a football game of great magnitude, the team is bigger.

It is usually made up of the narrator, the technical analyst, the person on the field and also someone in the box. The latter allows us to know  the impressions of the top leaders of the teams  before, during and after the match. In the MotoGP and Formula 1 World Championships, it is also necessary to have staff at the foot of the  paddock.  They go through the  pit lane  to find out how the race and the training days are experienced in the different teams.

The differential value of a retransmission

The type of product and finding a differential value is also crucial. Some media tend to be more technical. In other words, they seek more advanced knowledge that impacts a specialist audience that wants a broadcast of enormous quality. On the other hand, the most partisan type of broadcast that appeals to the different fans of each of the teams or players is also very attractive. Therefore, you must decide what type of product you want to offer to your audience.

Once the type of broadcast and the team that will compose it have been defined, the roles must be defined in depth. There must be constant meetings that serve to prepare the meeting. You have to define what the match preview will consist of. As well as taking into account the points of interest and the different interventions that is going to be carried out during the live show. In addition, it must be agreed what the post-match will consist of. Obviously, the direct is marked by improvisation and influenced by the progress of the meeting itself

Know the participants well to provide quality information

A sports broadcast must offer added value to the viewer. It is not only necessary that you offer knowledge about the sport that is being narrated. It  is also necessary that you give your audience reasons to follow your product and not look for the competition. Therefore, in addition to defining the roles when preparing a 스포츠중계, statistical data must be prepared to support the narration. The question is to enrich the final product that ends up being offered.

In this sense, you must be an expert in the sport of which a match is going to be broadcast. Know the background of the meeting and the face-to-face between both participants, how the teams or players arrive and what each team is playing for. In this way, a quality preview based on the impressions of both sets can be prepared. Also, if it is a team sport, the statistics of each player can also be useful at  times when the game is stopped.

Adapt to the sports broadcast medium

It is another of the fundamental points when preparing a broadcast. Television or radio present enormous variations. In a television narration, you must lean on what you are watching. On the radio you can offer other possibilities such as different narrations of matches or sports simultaneously. For example, in some channels a narration is made in two voices depending on whether it is one team or another that has the ball. This manages to bring rhythm and dynamism to the narrative.

You must think that the viewer, in most cases, on the radio is not watching the game and therefore you are his point of support. On television, on the other hand, the narrator is a slave to the images. If the filmmaker shows the line-up for a football or basketball game, or the starting grid for a Formula 1 or MotoGP Grand Prix, the person in charge of narrating must give importance to this aspect. What appears in images is what matters. Therefore, it is crucial that  you synchronize with the filmmaker  to offer the most important of the meeting. Do not forget that the filmmaker has a lot of information.

In addition, the figure of the producer also plays a fundamental role in any type of sports broadcast. He is the person in charge of scheduling the possible interviews that can be a complement to a previous one that prepares an important match. However, it is important to plan these types of events correctly. Remember to prepare them properly to offer a quality product that hooks the viewer. Nowadays, the enormous competition that can be found forces us to take that step.


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