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Just as there is no right solution to stream camera video from venue to cloud, no camera, lens or audio setup will meet the needs of every sports producer. As with the IP transport strategies discussed, budgets will play a key role in deciding whether to mount the existing iPad on a tripod or place an EFP camera.

·         Small Sports Production:

For college TV productions, traditional mobile productions, and others with slightly more budget, the RUNTV365 Remote Production System (RPS) can send SDI outputs from up to six cameras to HEVC H.265 encoded IP packets to the cloud or production center. You will find a cost-effective way to do it.

Utilizing RUNTV365 RPS as a transmission mechanism for cameras used to film real-time sports events will be covered more extensively in a new blog. However, it should be noted that RUNTV365 RPS is a game-changing program for sports producers, universities, and sports broadcasters to reduce the cost of hiring mobile production companies and travel expenses to production companies.

A RUNTV365 One with six embedded modems is also an alternative, but may not be a good fit for this budget level, especially if you have multiple cameras running.

That said, there are good online resources that can help sports producers decide on a camera. Factors such as autofocus, low-light performance and image stabilization, built-in zoom, and other important considerations are discussed. (Including a few: “Best Guide: 10 Best Video Cameras for Sports,” “Best Video Camera for Sports In 2020 – Top 12 Picks,” and “Best Professional Video Camera For Sports (2020).”

Depending on your budget and performance requirements, one effective camera solution would be to use a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera or camera head that can be remotely controlled via the same Internet connection used to stream video from an event to the cloud. However, it can be remotely controlled through a VLAN tunnel dedicated to sending control commands. This method eliminates the cost of sending a camera operator to an event, but requires a small initial investment.

When it comes to lenses, remember that the cost of a single professional zoom lens used in TV sports productions far exceeds the total cost of the IP transport solutions discussed here. That said, there are many much lower cost alternatives depending on the type of camera you are using, be it a DSLR, ENG/EFP or smartphone camera. (Some online resources include “ Types of Camera Lenses for Video and Photography ”, “ Choose Lenses for Live Sports Shooting ”, and “ The Only Lens You Need to Shoot Great Sports Videos on a Budget ”).

Even for budget/low-budget sports producers looking to enhance smartphone video, there are add-on lenses to consider.

Finally, let’s talk about audio. The natural sound of a sports arena and play-by-play calls help engage people watching live sports productions. RUNTV365 Producer provides a built-in virtual audio mixer as well as an audio-follow-video feature that completes the cloud-based video production circle. These properties and standalone alternatives have been discussed in previous blogs.

By moving to the cloud, 해외스포츠중계 tools are cheaper and more accessible than ever. At the same time, the performance of cameras and lenses used in the field has only improved, but the price has only become cheaper.

This evolution in technology and price means that sports broadcasts are opening more and more sports fields to streaming coverage.


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