“Split” Christmas by Queen Margaret of Denmark


this Christmas Right now, the plans of different royal families for these special days are gradually becoming known.Just a few days ago, there was news that Queen Isabel He traveled to Sandriham during his retirement to oversee preparations for the holiday. This will be the Queen’s first Christmas since the death of the Duke of Edinburgh in April last year, and the first Christmas that she can celebrate with her family in a traditional Norfolk residence after the pandemic.

But apart from Windsor, not many members of the royal family made their plans public. However, the Danish royal family has confirmed some details about how Queen Margaret’s family will spend these precious days. According to the communications department, this year’s Christmas is slightly different from other occasions.

Not all members of the Danish royal family will get together on these lovely days.In principle, from December 20th, Queen Margaret will be installed in Marcellisburg Palace In Aarhus, he will celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas with the crown prince and his family.

Marie from Denmark
Joaquín de Denmark with his wife and children / Gtres

This means that Prince Nicholas, his wife, Princess Mary, and their two young children will not show up. They usually live in France and will spend these dates at Keks Castle. On the other hand, Prince Joaquin’s eldest sons, Prince Felix and Prince Nicholas, were not surprised. They planned to spend the first part of the celebration with their mother, Countess Alexandra Manly.

Christian from Denmark
Queen Margarita and her two grandchildren / Gtres

Unlike the previous year, since 2020, Queen Margarita has spent Christmas with Joaquin and her family, while Prince Federico stayed Amalienborg Palace. Although it was said at the beginning that they would all go to Schäkenburg, it was finally announced that Margaret of Denmark would be celebrating the festival at the Marcellisburg Palace in Aarhus. This is a long-standing practice.

It is not clear what will happen on New Year’s Eve, the date when the Queen will deliver a New Year’s speech. This is a very important year for the royal family, because Queen Margarita celebrated her 50th anniversary in the reign. Therefore, due to the coronavirus health crisis, her 80th birthday celebration had to be cancelled.

Of course, what’s shocking is that there is no complete family reunion. This will only promote rumors of estrangement between the two brothers. Mary and Princess MaryA competition that dates back a long time never seems to have brought the Danish royal family to a truce.

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