Spice up your drinking parties with Tipsy Bar Games based on the popular izakaya food


Or keep them at home for game night!

If you ever get tired of your standard drinking parties, there are plenty of ways to make them more exciting, mostly by playing games (with or without alcohol as punishment). Of course, if you’re drinking with your boss, you can’t go wild with standard drinking games, but a major toy company just released a tame way to make your corporate parties a little different: Horoyoi Izakaya Games.

Made by mega housea subsidiary of Bandai Namco, these three party games whose collective name translates as “Thirty Bar Games”are themed three popular menu items in Japanese bars (known as izakaya): draft beer, edamame and yakitori (grilled chicken skewers). Their pieces are so realistic you almost want to eat them!

The first game is Gura Gura Edamame balance (with “Gura Gura” translated as “Wobbly”).

In this game, which is almost the opposite of Jenga, players try Stack the realistic-looking plastic edamame on the wobbly bowl without tipping the whole thing over.

But it’s not that simple – there’s also a dice! With hints like “Skip next turn” and “Place two edamame”, the difficulty of the game can change with the roll of the dice.

It still is Yakitori: The Last Battle.

Just like nobody wants to be the one to take the last piece of grilled chicken off the plate in this psychological game the loser is the one who has to take the last piece. Players take turns removing up to three pieces from the plate until only one remains.

Then the player whose turn it is may roll the dice to see if fate will be kind to them. If they’re lucky, they’ll get a sneaky attack like “Extra Order Without Permission: Spawn One Skewer”, which brings a whole second piece of grilled chicken into play and saves them for another round or two. But if they have already rolled the dice, they are out of luck! They must be the ones to take the last piece of Yakitori.

finally it is Kobosazu Hakobe: Beer Tower (translated as “Serve without spilling”).

Players must add one piece of foam to the top of a beer mug, pick it up, then roll the dice to see where they need to go past the pint. Whatever the dice tells them to do, they must do it, whether that means simply moving a specific base, passing it with their left hand, or choosing who to pass it to. If the foam goes down… you lose!

All three party games will be available on Mega House online store for 2,178 yen (US$15.60) each starting in late November, just in time Bonkai events at the end of the year. But while the added effect of alcohol will make these games perfect for drinking parties, they’re also great for families. Kids will love the laughs and fun these games are sure to inspire, so if you’re looking for a new way to spend time together this winter, this could be a great option.

Source, images: PR times
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