Spheras embroidered top to highlight looks with white pants


It is elegant and beautiful. We are talking about embroidered top sphere to highlight all appearances. It is sleeveless in white and has an embroidery that allows you to wear it during the summer afternoons that come back.

We’ll see what we’ll combine it with, its price and where we can buy it.

How is Sphera’s embroidered top

is blouse sleeveless sleeves and round neck with floral embroidery. It has a lot of details that make it a unique garment, such as the ruffle, the blue on white embroidery and even the invisible zipper on the side.

It’s the right top for this summer and it’s sure to remind you of those clothes you wore when you were little. Now you can remember it or celebrate these endless summer afternoons.

What do we combine it with?

Due to its color, it is possible with shorts of different colorspirate pants, jeans, blue jeans, with short or long skirts and also with the black pants and tweezers to be the most elegant of the party.

You will show these embroideries wherever you go because they give a handmade touch in a quality garment. Its composition is 100% cotton.

where we buy it

It is on Sfera’s website where you can find a variety of garments to combine perfectly with this top in white and embroidery. Its price is 23.99 euros and its sizes are 36, 38 and 40, and you can buy it now.

Spheras embroidered top to highlight looks with white pants

Also on this website you have other white blouses that you will also be passionate about. The Plumeti body is the most and its price is 11.99 euros; the sleeveless blouse with a round neckline or top worked with an armhole for 13.99 euros and the most elegant V-neckline.

Take a tour of this store to find out what it goes well with the embroidered top and to be able to make several purchases along the way. You already know that you can buy in the online store or in the physical store. On the web, it always goes fast and you do not have to move from your house. This way you avoid queues and concentrations of people.

While i Sphere physical store (even if they are not as numerous as they are in other clothing chains) you can always try on the garment and shop around to buy another accessory.

In any case, you already have within reach a top garment that you will wear a lot and that has a really affordable price. Do not let it escape as it will run out in a short time.

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