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We will announce the appearance of Res Hispánica. We clung to the goddess Chance’s single hair and surrendered ourselves to her mind with stoic casualness. The Spanish Mind, the Wisdom of multiple origins and diversity, is the name of this beautiful thread. Thousands of fathers and as many mothers have this blessed thread. There will be time to talk to them. Now imposes an immediate: thanks to this graceful hair, called Hispanidad, we went to the middle of the street to talk about ourselves with those who share origins and differences. Taking advantage of the celebration of Hispanic heritage, at a conference organized by the Heroes of Cavite Association, we presented a cultural civic initiative called Res Hispánica.

Res Hispanica is a group of friends who talk about Latin American culture. He has a YouTube channel and hundreds of people who want to raise the level of discussion of Hispanic culture in the debate about universal cultures. West and East, North and South are incomprehensible without the past, present and, of course, the future of Spain. Res Hispánica is a meeting of friends with several topics of conversation with a common denominator: Hispanism. Information, reflection and exchange of information about this vast civilization are the immediate goals of this channel on the YouTube network. Renewal of its traditions, breaks and continuity will be constant themes of this dialogue within academies, universities and agents of political and cultural socialization.

Res Hispánica fights for an idea: Hispanidad. You will never fight a person or intentionally offend someone. In addition, we want our opponents, as the founder of the pillars that support the building of our cultural history, to become our friends. Rigidity, study and convenience are the main features that move this YouTube channel. The Latin American Peña will always use all the opportunities offered by intellectual life to correct, correct and criticize our own studies and studies.

The reader of these lines already has at his disposal several presentation videos and reflections of our guests on the Res Hispánica channel. The following names and thoughts may serve as an example: Rafael Davila, general of the division in reserve, outside of Spain and its armies on Hispanic Day. El Bardo de la Taurina, a brilliant Mexican bullfighting critic and writer, reveals the excess and appeasement of questioning Hispanism from his country’s government palace. Manuel Soriano, in front of the El Escorial monastery, talks, informs and reflects aloud on the significance of this monumental building for the political and cultural history of the West. Ignacio Gomez de Lianho, the philosopher of the language of the imagination, makes a fine distinction between persons and Spain’s civilizing action in the world when you think of the Hispanic heritage here and now. Xavier Orcajo, a journalist and Ph.D. in economics, sets out economic and civilizational landmarks so as not to get entangled in the false rhetoric about the past of Latin Americans and to undo its consequences in recent decades. Gonzalo García Pelayo, filmmaker, clearly distinguishes between being and being of Hispanics. Alfredo Arias, creator of the sublime woman trilogy, provides an unusual reflection on Spain’s Greco-Roman and Christian origins. Gerardo Bugallo Ottone, a prudent diplomat, skillfully shows the potential of the Spanish language in a country that has absorbed such languages ​​as French, Polish, Russian and others. In short, I hope that because of their freshness and spontaneity, because of their ability to surprise and reflect, the performances of the greats Petón, Pedro de Tena, Miguel Florian, Miguel Galanes de la Flor, Laureano Marquez, Fernando Munoz, Pablo Victoria will be for you unforgettable. , Irene Galvez, Javier Huerta Calvo, Sebastian Pineda Buitrago, Luis Herrera, Xavier Rodriguez-Franco and a few more friends that we will comment on here.

So, welcome to Res Hispánica. Upcoming. Let’s go to!




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