Spain to host EU decontamination team against chemical and nuclear threats


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The European Commission announced on Wednesday the creation of a EU strategic reserve Handle chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) will include Devices, Drugs, Vaccines and Other Therapies For emergency treatment of patients exposed to CBRN drugs.At the same time, reserve decontamination (including personnel and supplies), hosted by Spain, Germany and Croatia.

The announcement comes after NATO also agreed to activate its defenses relatively Russia could launch chemical or nuclear attack in war on UkraineBrussels insists that the idea of ​​such a strategic stockpile for chemical and nuclear emergencies predates the conflict, although the outbreak has accelerated work.

In fact, it has been Nearly 3 million potassium iodide tablets shipped to Ukraine With the help of France and Spain, through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The goal is that they can be used to protect people from the harmful effects of radiation.

The EU Decontamination Stockpile, comprising Spain, Croatia and Germany, will be fully funded by European funds, Initial budget of 66.7 million euros. It will include personnel and equipment for decontamination of personnel, infrastructure, buildings, vehicles or critical equipment exposed to chemical, biological or nuclear agents. As explained by the Community Executive, the reserve can be deployed at the request of affected member states.

For its part, the general strategic reserve for chemical, biological and radionuclear emergencies will have a budget of 540 million euros. “It will make a decisive contribution to strengthening the EU’s CBRN operational capabilitiesas it will include equipment and medicines that may be difficult to manufacture in times of crisis or are suddenly needed in quantities that exceed the national stockpile,” said the community executive.

Brussels insists it is the first step towards building better capabilities to respond to incidents at nuclear power plants or chemical facilities, terrorist attacks or the spread of infectious diseases.

“We are taking concrete steps Improve Europe’s preparedness for potential threatsBuild decontamination stocks and new equipment stocks to accommodate chemical, biological or nuclear emergencies,” Crisis Management Commissioner Janez Lenarcic said.

“I thank Member States for this effort. The goal is to equip our citizens to respond quickly in the event of an emergency like this,” Lenasic said.

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