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Thousands of entrepreneurs, influencers and many new tech companies spent the week in Austin. The South by Southwest (SxSw) festival is an unmissable event for the digital and creative worlds.

During this period Festival Innovation Competition have start up Americans, but also Australians, Argentines, Turks, Israelis, Togolese or Vietnamese. Innovators from Vulcan Augmentics in Ho Chi Minh City want to create an online platform where people can choose a robotic element to “ improve or increase your body It has to be said that in Vietnam, dozens of people are still amputated or killed by landmines every year.

The enhancement technology industry is still in its infancy in Vietnam, Co-founder Ella Trinh explains. But in our innovation hub, Ho Chi Minh City, a bit like local Silicon Valley, startups in education or blockchain are really taking off. »

In their stance, their first creation: the cybernetic arm. ” Our machines are programmed to collect your biosignals and convert them into information so your prosthetic knows what your body wants to do.continuing with another co-founder, Rafael Masters. But we need a million dollars to develop our software. We were at a conference in Toronto, Canada, and they suggested we compete for the SxSw Innovation Award. Honestly, we didn’t think we were finalists, but here we are. »

Thirty virtual reality experiences

From transhumanism, we enter a dedicated 34 virtual reality experiences. We became insect prey for the elements of the Camargue Threshold land, directed by Unstable Animist Studios. In our experience at Paris studio Targo, we survived the September 11 attacks.We attend an immersive hip-hop concert by Megan Thee Stallion, or we accompany a pregnant woman in virtual reality who must make choices during pregnancy choose. Restricting abortion rights remains an issue in Texas.

SxSw is a hybrid place where culture and technology meet.

On the sidelines of the official music festival, Orange showed off its augmented reality experience (XR in English), allowing you to visit the Basilica of Our Lady of all times. “ SxSw is a hybrid place where culture and technology meet. We are not shy about sharing this very innovative experience. said Morgan Bouchet, who is responsible for digital content, virtual worlds and augmented reality projects at Orange Innovation. The French company with roots in Silicon Valley for 20 years comes to Austin every year to see innovation, but this year marked a turning point by offering an immersive experience.

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The Eternal Notre-Dame project, created with the help of the Parisian diocese, public institutions and historians, is on display at La Defense from January 15th. The 45-minute experience will move to the Conciergerie this spring, then under Notre Dame’s forecourt. The telco also wanted to highlight the development of 5G, which allows technology to be placed in the cloud rather than in a virtual headset.

Innovative tools and NFTs

At the Creative Industries Expo, many European countries have their own booths. On the French side, Joué has developed an instrument that connects to a tablet or computer. Wooden case with modular silicone keyboard. ” Durable digital instrumentexplains Pascal Joguet, president of Joué, Use minimal waste (no batteries) and locally developed recyclable materials. This is our first time in South by Southwest. It was recommended to us because it is where the worlds of music and technology meet. In just a few hours, we’ve made a lot of connections. »

Since the last South by Southwest three years ago, a new digital element has become essential, namely NFTs. This unique, irreplaceable digital format created and sold by artists. So, inevitably, a lot of products have been launched around NFTs this year. American singer Dolly Parton came to promote her. But to others, NFTs and cryptocurrencies are just scams, Ponzi schemes.

for the cast of the series GothamBen McKenzie, being a celebrity doesn’t offer any credibility for selling digital currencies that are used to buy NFTs, but just for speculators in an unregulated world.

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