South African actress Charlbi Dean has died at the age of 32 in New York City.


South African actress and model Charlbi Dean has died at the age of 32. Last Monday, August 29, 2022 from a sudden and unexpected illness in a New York hospitalaccording to their representatives.

She was born and raised in Cape Town. when she entered the modeling world as a child, when she was used for magazine covers and fashion runways.

Acting career of Charlby Dean

Charlby Dean’s acting career began when she was about 20 years old. in the movie Downfall.

She also had appeared on The CW series Black Lightning as Sionide and in many other productions over the past few years.

Her last job was in The Triangle of Sorrows is a film that won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.last May, in which she appears along with Harris Dickinson playing the famous fashion couple, With Woody Harrelson also starred in the film.

Even before the film won an award at Cannes, the actress had already told AP that she already felt like a winnerdue to the fact that she was able to make a film at the Cannes Film Festival, which she thought it was unbelievable, claiming that if victory did eventually come, it would only be the icing on the cake for her.

Charlby Dean has already survived a near-fatal car accident.

According to Cape Town etc., In 2009, Charlby Dean survived a near-fatal car accident. Along with her then-boyfriend Ashton Schnehage, where she ended up with a collapsed lung and two damaged vertebrae, as well as a broken wrist, four ribs, and an elbow.

Because of this accident she had a scar on her stomachwhich she considered her signature, even showing it off at the Ami Alexandre Mattiussi fashion show.


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