South Africa bids farewell to Desmond Tutu at state funeral


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South Africa is ready to fire Desmond Tutu. The state funeral of the honorary archbishop was held this Saturday at St. George’s Anglican Cathedral in Cape Town (southwest of South Africa). His family and celebrities from the country attended the funeral. Tutu died in Cape Town on December 26 at the age of 90.

Due to covid-19 restrictions, the ceremony was limited to one hundred people. In addition to the current President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, They went to this temple-a symbol of national democracy known as the “Cathedral of the People” during the “apartheid” racist regime-the country’s former presidents such as Thabo Mbeki (1999-2008) ) And Kgalema Motlanthe (2008-2009).

Ramaphosa emphasized the archbishop’s support for a long list of reasons, which made the “climate activist group and LGBTQIA+” recently asked who is “a Modest and brave The president said, who speaks for the oppressed people in the world (…).

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church and the Archbishop of Canterbury, also made a vignette through a video, and he emphasized Tutu “Bring light” when people are “in the dark”.

Naomi Tutu, the daughter of the archbishop and the own pastor of the Anglican Church, appreciates the emotional expressions received these days. “We share with the world (Tutu) You shared some of your love for him with us,” Desmond Tutu’s daughter said, obviously moved.

The retired bishop Michael Nuttall worked with the deceased during his tenure as the Archbishop of Cape Town-Tutu was the first black person to be appointed to this position in 1986-was commissioned to preach. “Short stature, he is a The moral and spiritual giant among us. Their beliefs are true, not false or half-hearted,” Natol said.

The ceremony was presided over by Thabo Makgoba, the current Archbishop of Cape Town and leader of the Anglican Church of South Africa. The ceremony was attended by King Letzier III of the small mountain nations of Lesotho and Mozambican activists. Graça Machel, widow of Nelson Mandela.
This state funeral End of a week of events held in different parts of the country Farewell to one of the most popular figures in South African history, including the installation of a burning chapel in this temple on Thursday and Friday, and hundreds of South Africans marching.
According to Tutu’s own wishes, he asked not to spend money unnecessarily at the funeral. The coffin is a very simple wooden model. Similarly, following the wishes of the honorary archbishop, The ceremony did not include speeches, only Ramaphosa’s intervention.
Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 He opposed “apartheid” racial oppressionTutu is considered to be one of the key figures in contemporary South African history.
His career is characterized by constant Defend human rights, This led him to keep his distance from the church hierarchy on many occasions, openly defending gay rights or euthanasia.
Has been maintained in recent years Stay away from public life Because of his advanced age, and his health problems have dragged on for many years, including prostate cancer.


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