Sorayas Arnelas furious at the “haters”: “I have to shame you”

Soraya Anelas After becoming a mother for the second time in October last year, she is enjoying a new stage in her life. The singer gave birth to Olivia and she was very happy. However, due to the publication of a well-known magazine in which the media talked about some of her own words, she received a lot of criticism through Facebook, which cast a shadow over this happiness. Anelas In it, she detailed how she became a mother again.

Soraya Arnelas smiled. /Gtres

So-called HatersRemarks that incited hatred caused an uproar on the Internet, but Soraya did not remain silent, but wanted to respond with a strong and straightforward message. “ridiculous. It’s ridiculous to say you are. Most of you have not read what it said in the interview. brave! You like to write about brutality, as if you are a super woman, making anyone back down. Nausea, vomiting, nerd, heavy, clown… this is the most beautiful thing you can write, besides that, you are all women… shame on you!“, she said, very annoyed by the comments received.

Soraya Arnelas, pregnant. /Gtres

“Everyone has a right to speak, and freedom of speech is beautiful. But in the era when we live, I dismiss freedom of speech. There are certain things that we should not allow, whether it is me or anyone! He said Soraya Anelas.

On the other hand, many netizens wanted to take the artist away after experiencing this unfortunate moment. «Soraya does not pay attention to people without any sympathy. Congratulations. I send a big kiss to your family. Very encouraging,” said one netizen. «Don’t turn your ears to stupid things. It’s better to ignore fools, but listen to the wise. Kiss and congratulate the little guy,” another user said.

Soraya Arnelas is participating in the event. /Gtres

Despite what happened, Soraya is still satisfied with her role as a mother and hopes to greet all women who live the same life as her through Instagram. “For those who like me in these few months are pregnant and well… you already have a baby, I want to congratulate you and send you a lot of kisses,” he began.

«I hope you get well soon and they will take good care of you. I hope everyone and your baby are safe. I also want to tell you and thank you for all the emotional expressions you have received in the past few months. There are many ways to express them. Now that Olivia is at home, and we have adapted to this new life, it is necessary to thank you for a lot of information, there is already a lot,” Soraya said, and finally said how she was. “We are very good. The little girl is very greedy. I don’t know much about the Internet these days because we are revising and other people, but she is very healthy”, Soraya explained from the tranquility of her home.

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