Soraya shows off her belly and shares a curious maternal reflection


Soraya Anelas She was happy about her second pregnancy. The artist, who is already the mother of a girl, will not hesitate to share the details of the second motherhood with her followers on social networks and make suggestions about her experience. Moreover, in addition to her musical aspects, the artist also had important exchanges with the followers she interacted with regularly, and told them her daily details, including, how else would it be, everything about your pregnancy.

Currently, the singer is in the third trimester of pregnancy. Specifically, he almost finished his 20th week, which made his stomach obvious, although in his case it was not very bulky. However, this is due to their own genes. What she herself commented: “This is a football, hahahaha”, the artist wrote an image next to the image of her wearing underwear in front of the mirror showing her belly, which is not bulky compared to people’s expectations. “Indeed, I am not a big belly. I only came out after 6 and a half months with Manuela… and it has already come out before, but it doesn’t seem to be very big,” the singer has already been sentenced. . What he does want to show is that this time, like his first daughter, the belly is sharp, which does not prove that it will be a child, because popular philosophy tends to point out: “This little belly, because of Olivier Ya’s position, it’s lower. She came in lying down, although she was going to go out, but when she felt like this she would lose her position… Manuela started to adapt from the first day, she stayed there face down ready to go out . This makes me pouted even more. Of course, they are all pointed, so don’t believe that girls have rounder bellies…”, he emphasized.

The artist wanted to share with her followers more details about how she spent her second pregnancy, and useful tips for her to take care of herself at this stage: “Due to stretch marks and itchy skin,” the singer said. As expected, a post aroused great interest from her followers, and they did not hesitate to comment on it and provide more suggestions to the singer.

Singer Soraya Arnelas and her eldest daughter Manuela / Gtres photo

In the controversy of pregnant women being vaccinated against coronavirus, the artist published in her profile the news that she will be vaccinated before delivery to avoid panic and misfortune: “More and more research and more and more evidence Show that vaccines are necessary”, the forward winner promises.

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