Soraya Arnelas is angry at the pain of C-section


long wait Soraya Anelas It ended a few days ago, when he had one of the most exciting days of his life Be a mother for the second time The singer and her partner model Miguel Ángel Herrera called her Olivia. The little girl came to the world through a caesarean section, weighing 2.7 kg, slightly lower but not worrying. Extremaduran is enjoying these weeks focusing on this new mother and her recovery, because getting her daughter to undergo surgical intervention is not an easy task at all.

Soraya on Instagram / Instagram

This is how she shared with her followers through her Instagram profile, and she was a little angry about the postpartum pain. «Tell you that I am fine. I am recovering from a C-section, oh my goodness! Don’t be fooled by C-section“, she said first, obviously everyone is talking to her about the positive part of this method of childbirth, ignoring its pain. «I can only say that when I asked you what they were like, you recovered well. Soon, but Why did no one tell me how painful a C-section is? ».

Soraya Arnelas uses filters to hide how tired she must be, combining the first day of the baby with the pain of the intervention. “So I used Nolotil here, I have run out of antibiotics, but because I am a bit like a donkey, I can’t calm down, I have to be careful of scars,” she revealed, letting it fall to keep resting is not suitable for her.

Soraya Arnelas, pregnant/Instagram
Soraya Arnelas, pregnant/Instagram

Fortunately, he admits that things are getting better and better, «I’m better Now I can move, get in and out of bed…”, he explained, realizing that what was happening at this time was calm and quiet, “now the house is quiet.Of course, he knows Olivia very well and his goal now is The girl’s weight increased little by little.

When the intervention seemed to be over, Soraya Arnela returned to her network and asked for support for all women who had undergone C-sections like her to have children with them. «I must tell it: My urethra falls off, No one is aware of the work that brings life to this world. It’s wonderful, but fucking! Just set up a monument for us, don’t pit me! We face life bravely. So from here I asked for fewer gifts to the children, they didn’t realize it, Give mom more attention. Say still”, he has already been sentenced.

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