Sonsoles Ónega not signing one of his star players due to contentious conflict


If there’s one well-known face who isn’t stingy when it comes to expressing opinions, it’s Carmen Lomana.This collaborator He was never shy when he had to say something to anyone, and this last time was no different.That’s it, even though he’s one of the stars who signed up Sonsoles now, Guillermo Capdevila’s ex quits job without looking back And be completely firm in their beliefs.

Carmen Lomana in “And now Sonsoles” / Antena 3

This is how she herself revealed through her Social networkjust a few minutes ago, he revealed his big decision to his more than 500,000 followers: “This is what happened yesterday at @ahorasonsoles, so I decided not to come back. I think I owe it to my followers, So no confusion. I went to the end as if it didn’t exist. Sonsoles are great, so are my colleagues and the people who work there, but director Patricia Lennon doesn’t love me and she’d rather tell me than fire me.Thanks Sonsoles, you deserve the best”. A clear message through which Leon sends a message directly to those who have served as its supervisor so far, removing all responsibility host For live life.

It was in the two videos released by Carmen that a situation was reflected that would be the ultimate trigger for Lomana to leave the show in the afternoon. Antenna 3 definitely. In the problematic image, Sonsoles intervenes to end the broadcast, referring to the few opportunities the collaborators get to speak during the day: “You’re talking too little, we have to fix it.” Meanwhile, Carmen doesn’t hesitate to use Her own face and words expressed her dissatisfaction that she had not been a part of the commentator since the beginning of the show and later joined the team: “I want to speak from scratch because I have enough standards to speak what are you talking about here (…) I really love communication, I really love communication, I really love TV, I really love being able to talk about interesting things. But don’t let me walk and say: ‘Oh, what a lovely dress’. I’m happy at home and I just stay here whenever I have something interesting to say. If not, it won’t,” the businesswoman explained, trying to reason with Sonsoles, who even admitted to “feeling bad” about what happened: “I do not care. If I get in the way, I’ll leave, but I don’t want to be paripé‘, Carmen concluded, willing to leave her job if necessary and she doesn’t think her role is relevant. a priori The team didn’t seem to be paying attention, which ultimately allowed the newly released TV space to run out of one of its key parts.


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