Sonsoles Ónega breaks up with her partner, César Vidal, after two years of romance


There is no doubt that the life of Sonsoles Ónega has been a roller coaster of emotions in recent months. Although it was during the month of July when the presenter’s drastic decision came to light when it came to leaving her job in charge of it’s already noon to start a new stage hand in hand with Antena 3, now it has been known that He has also chosen to put an end to his relationship with César Vidal, with whom he had been sharing his life for two years.

Sonsoles Ónega with César Vidal at an event.

It was at the beginning of 2021 when it came to light that the heart of the master of ceremonies had been occupied by an anonymous architect. Since then, there have been few occasions on which they have been seen publicly, thus demonstrating that they preferred to keep their love story in the background so that it did not interfere personally. Something that they seem to have achieved by far, although without any intention of hiding the love they felt for each other, Sonsoles herself showing off this on various occasions when she has been asked.

Sonsoles Ónega with César Vidal walking a dog / Gtres
Sonsoles Ónega with César Vidal walking a dog.

What nobody could imagine is that this romance would have an expiration date. Despite having managed to form one of the most consolidated tandems on the national scene, Sonsoles and César would have gone their separate ways. As published informalia, the break between the two would be complicated as well as painful, which is why both parties are taking refuge in their loved ones, probably proud of not having taken any further step than living together. Ónega preferred, from the first moment, to share a home only with her children, Yago and Gonzalo, the result of her relationship of more than a decade with Carlos Pardo.

Sonsoles Ónega walking with Carlos Pardo / Gtres
Sonsoles Ónega walking with Carlos Pardo.

Now everything points to the fact that Fernando Ónega’s daughter is using work as the best weapon when it comes to taking refuge in it to cope with her breakup in a lighter way. Proof of this is her presence in And now Sonsoleswhich is daily and is making the Antena 3 afternoon program achieve the most successful data, becoming the clear competition for Save me despite the fact that the cast of Telecinco collaborators were, in their day, part of their staff and their fellow professionals.

Be that as it may, what does seem to be clear is that neither Ónega nor Vidal are willing to give themselves a second chance. Little or nothing remains of the good times they shared in their day and for which they became full-fledged life companions, César having been the man who restored the illusion to Sonsoles after she had not fallen in love since she she divorced her now ex-husband.


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