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Sonic Prime will launch this December, and we’re here with all the details.

I’m sure you’ve played Sonic dash once in your life and are familiar with the cartoon character Sonic, the blue hedgehog. Everyone’s childhood is somehow connected with Sonic and his many friends because they were a source of fun and entertainment for all of us.

Sonic Prime is basically an animated series and we can say that during Christmas, Netflix brings a gift in the form of this series to all children’s viewers.

Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about this upcoming animated series on Netflix!!!

What is the Sonic Prime release date on Netflix?


This fun-filled and entertaining animated series Netflix Sonic Prime will make its world premiere on Thursday, December 15, 2022. Only 10 days left until Christmas, you can watch it with your children and revisit your childhood memories.

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What will Sonic Prime be about?

sonic prime minister

As mentioned above, it is an animated series on Netflix that focuses on a character named Sonic, who is a blue hedgehog.

The series will include the different adventures Sonic has in this process.

And the official synopsis of the animated series reads: “An incredible surprise is the Sonic you know and love, until you push Sonic on a new adventure with a reinvented cast and the fate of the multiverse like you’ve never seen before. gloved hands.

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Who will be there as players in Sonic Prime?

sonic prime minister

Since we already know that it is an animated series, many actors will voice different characters in the series. Below is the list of voice actors:

• Deven Christian Mack, who voiced Sonic the Hedgehog
• Brian Drummond will voice Knuckles
• Shannon Chan-Kent will voice TBA
• Ashleigh Bell will voice TBA
• Vincent Tong will voice TBA
• TBA will be voiced by Kazumi Evans.
• Ian Hanlin to voice TBA
• TBA will be voiced by Adam Nurada.

How many episodes will there be?

We have official information that this season will consist of 24 episodes in total. And each episode of Sonic Prime Season 1 will be 30 minutes long.

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