Some wedding plans and a completely direct sit-in, the “last temptation” is again unexpected


The remaining shows are getting less and less The last temptation The curtain is over, but they are still active, and the contestants who enjoy the villa continue to shine. This Wednesday is a very special party. Although the party aimed at being a lasting couple ended their love story, one of the girls has already begun to consider a possible wedding.

The passage of time makes Fani reflect, in The confrontational bonfire with Christopher a few weeks ago, She asked herself after kissing Julian-it seemed that her thoughts were getting clearer. In fact, the Madridian has begun to dream about the future and who is her boyfriend, and has begun to consider a plan that seems completely impossible: through the altar. “I am rethinking my life, my relationship. Do not rule out re-planning the wedding”, He confessed to Patrie while enjoying the swimming pool and the sun.

Fani Sunbathing/Telecinco

One of the most serious plans, she seemed very convinced, but her friend advised her to be careful and wait for them to return to Spain. Considering Fani’s decision to ignore the couple’s past, the most reasonable words are that she seems more certain than ever of the love she feels. “My child may have his shortcomingsJust like me, but he is a good guy, he is handsome, tall, and dancing very well… I have loved him all my life, and I noticed this here. The spark we lacked is back”.

Lucia / Telecinco in “The Last Temptation”

The wedding project is still in progress, but in the end there will be two protagonists The last temptation It would certainly not be a pair: Lucia and Isaac.When the two arrived, they were very sure about their love of reality, but as time went by and Lobo’s infidelity They broke this relationship. This Wednesday, they were able to see each other face to face in a confrontational campfire, and the conversation was the most exciting.

Lucia and Isaac
Lucia and Isaac are threatened / Telecinco

This Andalusian didn’t gnash her teeth and made it clear to her ex-boyfriend. “You are fake, you lied to everyone”He told her bluntly, remembering his conversation with Marina, and she told him that Isaac had a similar attitude towards her. On the other hand, he accused him of kissing Bella, and although Lobo tried to defend Lucia, he did not want to listen to him. “You don’t want anyone except yourself. You are portrayed. Now everyone will see that you have been lying since last year. You are not a good person.” He told her before returning home that “A person is better than a bad person.” .

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