Some fleeting Miura bulls close out the bull run for Sunfermin 2022.


mythical bulls from the Seville ranch Miura They ended the Sanfermines 2022 bull run with a fleeting and exciting race that lasted two minutes and 16 seconds, although it was clean and with fewer runners than previous days.

Miura’s herd is the herd that adds the most entrants to the bull run at 54, and its race behavior doesn’t usually leave people with horn wounds, although there were three hits on their last visit in 2019.

In this case, according to the first medical report provided after delivery, so only two runners needed to be transferred to medical centers, with bruises on his arms, although there were numerous falls of young people who succumbed to the speed of the bulls.

The daredevils of the oldest and most popular cattle ranch left the paddocks of Santo Domingo, led by the meek, and climbed this site in very close connection, with a group closed by one of the windbreaks, until they reached the town hall, where they crossed without much incident.

An elongated but clustered herd crossed Mercaderes Street to keep the turn neatly. led by the meek and already behind him the rest of the bulls.

With two halters in front leading the first three bulls, the arrangement of the group prevented the young men from approaching the horns in this section, which they did. dealt a few blows in the case of the meek, who opened the flock with their speed.

In the second part of this famous street, the fast trend continued and meant that the boys could only get out of the race by lying on the ground on the sides of the street, leaving small piles on the sides, towards which the bulls paid no attention.

With this “little train”, as many refer to the Miura race, the herd reached the Telefónica section, where several young people took off. long clean runssomething that was difficult for some young people on their way to the alley.

Already in the square they came out divided into two groups, with three brave first, and the rest somewhat off the hook, albeit without noticeable incident, until they finally hit the pigsties with a time of 2 minutes and 16 seconds, the second fastest run of the Sanfermines 2022 . after Victoriano del Rio with 2 feet 14 inches.


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