Somalia: Jihadis Storm Hotel Popular With Government Officials And Parliamentarians, Kill At Least Four People


“The al Qaeda-affiliated group that has been trying to overthrow Somalia’s central government for 15 years.”

Why? The report does not say. Al-Shabaab wants to establish a caliphate and believes that violence and terror are the best means to achieve this.

“Somalia: Dozens killed, wounded in latest siege on Mogadishu hotel by Al-Shabab militants”, North Africa Post, November 28, 2022:

Sporadic gunfire and explosions rang out on Monday (Nov 28) around a hotel in the Somali capital that was attacked by the insurgent group Al-Shabab a day earlier, killing at least four people.

The Villa Rose Hotel is a popular venue for senior government officials and parliamentarians located a few blocks from the offices of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud. “The terrorist gunmen are trapped inside a room of the building and the security forces are about to end the siege very soon. Several people were injured, including government officials,” Mohamed Dahir, a security official, told the media. “So far we have confirmed the death of four people,” he added, without specifying who the four victims were…

Witnesses described two loud explosions on Sunday night, marking the start of al-Shabab’s attack on the hotel, which is located near the presidential palace in Mogadishu and is normally heavily guarded. On its website, Villa Rose is described as “the most secure accommodation in Mogadishu”, with metal detectors and a high wall.

The al-Qaeda-affiliated group that has been trying to overthrow Somalia’s central government for 15 years has claimed responsibility for the attack…


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