Soldiers at the morgue in Dnepr: “Trucks full of corpses arrive”


When the silence of the dead lets the living speak, war changes the landscape. Or, at least, those who suffer from it. For weeks, Corpses piled up in the morgue The main front of Ukrainian ​​likes Kharkiv or Nikolayev They’ve had days when hundreds of bodies collapsed at their facility under the fire of Russian artillery, leaving the forensic center without bags to transport the dead and send them home.

There are other similar Dnipro, Ukraine’s last natural defense, converted into the main reception centre for internally displaced persons and humanitarian aid in eastern Ukraine.Surrounded by other contested areas – Kharkov, Donetsk, Zaporozhye or Kherson – Dnipropetrovsk’s hospitals and morgues have been The fate of many wounded and dead North, South and East of the country. Also from Russians. At least that’s what Deputy Mayor Mikhailo Lysenko told CNN, confirming the existence of the refrigerator, which contained the remains of 700 Russian soldiers.

This reality has changed daily life at the main forensic institute in Ukraine’s fourth largest city.One month after Putin’s invasion began, Covid-19 dead were killed replaced by the military “about 90%”, Designated Ukrainian Armed Forces officer Ilya Stavrati. “The truck was full of dead bodies. Arms, heads, feet… in many cases they were unrecognizable”.

Staff at the Institute of Forensic Medicine help a soldier guide a colleague’s coffin into a truck that will take him to the area where he was born.

Fermin Torano

Operators did not stop during the weekend Unloading a van with empty coffins That is, once closed, other vehicles will be transported to the corresponding area for their honor ceremony. The dead are revealed only at funerals and burials, and their true numbers are difficult to verify. Nor was the information available from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry or the president’s communications team.

“Emotions depend on information, but people need to open their eyes, not propaganda,” said the 28-year-old from Donbass. “In this war (soldier) vWe live in the TV triangle between Russia, Ukraine and BelarusSome people say we don’t exist, or that we are animals, while others don’t even mention us in the news when a colleague dies,” he criticized.

Not far from Stavraty, smoke Andrei KarpenkoThe actor, director and member of the National Guard who made himself famous on dates after sending videos of reciting poems to all of his fellow soldiers in the trenches. He wanted to talk so much, he took out his personal phone and used the translator.

“All regions are being punished, they have suffered casualties, but this is the only way to defend Ukraine. Families get it. The hardest part is opening a bag and seeing people you used to knowBut all fighters must rest at home,” he said, showing off his phone with trembling hands and emotion in his voice.

In many cases, the transport of the deceased was carried out by conventional trucks.

In many cases, the transport of the deceased was carried out by conventional trucks.

Fermin Torano

The faith in unity and victory did not waver, however, fatigue and pain began to glimpse in the words of all who lived with death but did not taste victory. In the past few hours, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced that after 38 days,The entire Kyiv region is under his control..

News Released with Mayor’s Bitter Proclamation Butcha And an update on the death toll in the South. Obviously, 300 people will be buried in mass graves In a suburb of the capital, around 40 more people should have been killed in the missile attack on the Mykolaiv administration building, with only injuries initially reported.

“The world should see it and know what’s going on”, Stavratti said he apologized for the bureaucracy that prevented full access to the forensic institute. The workers refer to the director, the director refers to the city hall, and the council of elders is responsible for military management. The latter argue that neither general hospitals nor morgues depend on them.

Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv is one of the main shrines dedicated to war victims.

Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv is one of the main shrines dedicated to war victims.

However, even if they speak softly, The soldiers began to want to talk. Sometimes to keep their relatives unaware of their words while waiting for the coffin, and sometimes to keep them from being heard by their companions.

“Russia stole everything from us. Cities, lives, future plans…”Stavratti lamented, with a white rosary around her neck and her ID card.

– Are you a believer?

– All religions are good in war – he replied with a shrug.

Born in Horlivka, just a few kilometers from enemy lines in the Donbass, he was sent to Dnipro a month ago after serving in one of the most dangerous enclaves today. His new role has nothing to do with his law degree at university, several languages ​​he blurted outor their performance in battalion.

The corpse added to the distress of his colleague’s family, reminding him: Anyone in the wooden box could be him.

“And yet here I am, working with the dead”though, before explaining his favorite movie, saying, “Every day I’m alive is a good day.”

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