Soldier holding baby in chaos: the more humane side of Kabul exit


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The Afghanistan crisis is disappearing Shocking chaotic picture This situation became chaotic in the country after the Taliban took over Kabul last week. The situation at the airport complicates the evacuation, and many families are experiencing dramatic situations. Some of these stories are being illustrated with images. In these images, you can see members of the Marine Corps and other troops holding babies in the middle of the vortex.

This Friday, Defense Secretary Margarita Robles (Margarita Robles) explained “Dramatic” situation Lives near Kabul Airport and has the experience of one of the Afghan collaborators, Their family left without a daughter because she was lost in the avalancheHe explained: “One of the people who entered on one of the planes with his family, I do not intend to provide more information. He lost a daughter who was in Kabul.”

All the nations that race against time and start to evacuate from Afghanistan have witnessed it Chaos near Kabul AirportAt the same time, we have also seen the more humanitarian side of the crisis. The evacuees finally arrived at their destination or the photos of the Marine Corps and other military members comforting children and babies. These photos have been widely shared on social networks. .

In one of the photos, you can see a U.S. Marine in a uniform holding a months-old baby in his arms. Several weapons stopped beside and behind him, while other Marines in uniforms were guarding. In another photo, another soldier can be seen, this time it is a Norwegian, Holding a baby on one of the evacuation planes.

As Robles promised, establishing a safe corridor so that Afghans can enter the airport “would be ideal, but it is currently impossible.” “The situation cannot be controlled outside the airport, and there is nothing in Kabul except the control of the Taliban.”

To describe this situation, he also described how a commander of the Spanish army saw the Afghans working with him but was unable to help them “from a distance.” “This is impossible, Interpreters can’t come and we can’t do anything. Help them, because it was a group of people, an avalanche. “

In the past few hours, several countries, including Spain, Italy, France, or Canada, have begun or continue to evacuate to bring as many people out of the country as possible, while other countries, such as Indonesia, have evacuated them. The embassy moved out of the country. nation.

“The most difficult evacuation”

US President Joe Biden warned this Friday that the Afghan evacuation is one of the “largest and most difficult evacuation operations in history,” despite his insistence on the evacuation of Afghans who are cooperating with the US military.

Biden reported the situation in Afghanistan at the White House, while the Americans and their allies continued to withdraw from Afghanistan, but compared with the past few days, Biden’s tone was less provocative. Since August 14, the United States has so far demobilized approximately 13,000 people.

“This week is heartbreaking. I don’t think anyone can see these images, nor the human suffering,” the president emphasized, as thousands of people crowded into Kabul airport to try to leave the Asian country. The Taliban came to power.

Accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Anthony Brinken, Biden admitted that he could not predict what would happen.

A few days later, the president emphasized: “I cannot guarantee what the final result will be or what will happen without risk of loss, but as the commander-in-chief, I can assure you that I will use all the necessary resources.” He was criticized for lack of contingency plans.

The third Spanish aircraft

this Third plane Spanish troops managed to leave Afghanistan this morning 110 people on board. Despite the chaos at Kabul Airport, It increases over time, The ship has successfully taken off and is already in Dubai. The team will set off from there to the Torrejón de Ardoz military base in the next few hours.

As announced by President Pedro Sánchez, they will arrive there all Saturday two airplane: The first time is around 6:00 pm, the second time around 9:00 pm. One of them will land on a group of Afghans who have cooperated with the European Union in recent years, and the other will be 110 Afghans and some Americans belonging to the Spanish armed forces. .

With this, Spain has now sent three of the four planes that managed to leave Kabul with their collaborators, who helped EU countries in their twenty-year mission in Afghanistan despite the Taliban siege.

According to sources from the Ministry of Defense, 110 military They participated in the evacuation operations on the ground and ensured that they were carried out “safe and reliable”, especially at the Kabul Airport.


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