Slowpoke Sofa wants to help you live the slow life of your Pokémon dreams【Photos】


And yes, the designers took care to include his tail.

Japan often plays fast and loose with the meaning of English loanwords, and this is a good example “sofa.” For native English speakers, a sofa should be a bench for two or more people, but in Japan, the word is also used to describe a large, soft and comfortable piece of furniture that can be used by one person.

As a linguist, this annoys me because both English and Japanese already have words for a piece of furniture designed for one person: chair and isuappropriately. But I’m happy to give a pass to this chair that’s advertised as a “sofa” because it’s cool and cute.

The Slowpoke bead sofa is a gigantic admiration symbol for goofy sympathy Pokémon. Given the Water/Psychic type’s unhurried stance, Slowpoke (or Yadon, as the species is called in the Japanese versions of the game/anime), is a very suitable muse for the microbead-filled chair.

Designers for a furniture company based in Kanagawa Cellutan he made sure to include not only Slowpoke’s silly grin, but also his supposedly delicious one tail around the back. The ears are also soft and can be squeezed, the company boasts.

If you’re pulling out a tape measure to see if you can fit the chair in your room, it measures 92 by 101 centimeters (36.2 by 39.8 inches) at the base. At 8.75 kilograms (19.3 lbs), it’s sturdy enough not to tip over, but not so heavy that it can’t be moved when vacuuming or rearranging the interior of your home.

▼ A particularly cool feature is this the cover is removable and machine washableso you can give Slowpoke a bath if he gets dirty.

The Slowpoke Beads sofa costs 28,400 yen ($204) and is available for purchase from Cellutan’s online retailer here, as well as Rakuten and Yahoo! Japanese shopping sites (here and here). And yes…

…Cellutane still offers other Pokémon chairs and poufs.

Source: PR times
Top photo: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, Cellutan
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