Skip Bayless Wants All The Smoke When It Comes To Argument With Russell Westbrook


Skip Bayless challenged Russell Westbrook on Sunday to join him on his TV show or podcast for a personal discussion”WestbrickThe pseudonym originated in 2012.

Bayless, 70, started Twitter in response to Westbrook telling him to “watch your tongue” on Saturday after an analyst mentioned him again in a tweet with the controversial moniker.

“Hi Russell Westbrook,” Bayless tweeted. “Glad to talk face to face about a nickname that I think came up in 2012. JOIN ME ON TV / PODCAST.

“Let’s talk about how you’ll make $47,000 next year after being the WORST SHOOTER IN THE NBA! Most Overpaid Player? PLEASE JOIN ME.”

Skip Bayless doubles down on Russell Westbrook criticism

Bayless didn’t stop there, sharing a second tweet in which he says all Westbrook has to do to “muzzle” critics is start hitting and stop flipping the ball.

in Skip and Shannon: no doubt the co-host said it was funny to see Westbrook acting like a victim when he had a “nightmare” year with Los Angeles Lakers.

“Amazing and funny how Russell Westbrook tries to turn himself into a victim after being such a nightmare for the Laker Nation last year,” Bayless tweeted. “All he has to do to shut us critics up is just TAKE SHOTS AND STOP DOING HORRIBLY COMIC COUPS. But… it’s the fault of the critics.”

What’s really funny is to see Westbrook took the bait and add fuel to Skip’s trolling fire.

Not the first fiasco with the nickname Skip Bayless

If Westbrook joins Bayless on his TV show or podcast, it won’t be the first time NBA the player appears to defend his last name.

In 2011, Miami Heat big man Chris Bosch ran into Bayless because of his “Bosch Spice“Alias.

Bosch told Bayless that he and his family were proud of their last name and were offended when others tried to make fun of their last name.

Bayless remained true to his character and called him “bosh spice” to his face, saying that he had I don’t regret the name.


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