Skinproof, the Japanese technology for taking care of the skin that you also want to try


Minimalism is a trend in the world of decoration, fashion, and also in that of beauty. The skin firm It is a Japanese technology that has become a trend and carries the motto “less is more”. It’s basically about simplifying your skincare routine.

Although it is a fact that many do not know, the truth is the skin is also stressed by pollution, sunlight, cold, use of certain cosmetics … As a result, pimples and redness occur, as well as other imperfections in the face.

Proponents of skin care claim that solid ‘detoxifies’ and allows the skin to regain its self-regulating power. When we use products for your care, we teach you what to do or how to react to them, which slows down your natural cycle.

Are in improve how the skin works, without having to resort to several products that we usually use daily.

How do you put fasting into practice?

Therefore, with skin firmness is what you are looking for give your skin a break so that it recovers and regenerates, all naturally. Now, just like miracle diets and other temporary trends, this Japanese technology has its advantages and disadvantages.

We usually use many cosmetics for facial skin care: creams, serums, ampoules, revitalizing tonics … Eliminating them all at once can be counterproductive, as experts warn.

The ideal is discontinue the application of cosmetics graduallyuntil we only have the essentials left. There is only one product that is essential for all skin types throughout the year: sunscreen.

Experts recommend that we extend fasting between one and two weeks so that the facial skin regenerates. Once this period has passed, we can gradually reintroduce each product, starting with the basics.

Some beauty lovers recommend completely stop the facial routine with skin firmness, while others believe that it is enough to remove cosmetics. In any case, it depends on the specific needs of each skin and what each of us wants to achieve.

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