Six ways to travel the world and get paid for it


Six ways to travel the world and get paid for it

Some people shudder at the thought of living their lives in one place. Others are simply struck by wanderlust and develop an insatiable urge to explore new landscapes and socio-cultural terrain.

While this could be a reflection of the self-inflicted pressure directed at personal development by experiencing the unknown and facing unforeseen challenges, the exorbitant cost of living such a lifestyle could certainly be daunting.

But what if you were told some ways to get paid or earn a sustainable fortune while traveling the world? Well, TSB NEWS brings you nine ideas to achieve just that.


Although it is not easy to earn a sizable income from blogging due to the amount of time and effort it takes, starting (travel) blogs has proven to be a sustainable means of financing such trips and even earning a lot more while having fun.

In a moment you could be walking through the inner forest of Singapore Changi Airport, marveling at something so natural, yet man-made. Another moment you are drinking a cup of coffee while you take care of your blog in a cafe in Brooklyn. Who says that living should be so demanding anyway!

work for an airline

Airline employees don’t just fly for free while they work. They also get free passes for both themselves and their friends, even when they’re not on duty. Discounted prices for hotel rooms and car rentals, along with flexible hours and other attractive incentives, are also desirable.

Whether you are working towards becoming a professional pilot or prefer to be a flight attendant or cabin crew, being an airline employee is certainly a great way to travel the world and get paid for it.

language teacher

English as a Second Language (ESL) is in high demand in countries like Korea and China, where indigenous languages ​​are highly valued, but without detracting from the universal relevance of English. You could acquire the required certifications and teach in these countries.

If you’re also proficient in other highly acclaimed languages, you might consider traveling between countries beyond their geographic enclaves and supplementing that with online tutoring.

hospitality professional

Hospitality professionals, whether they work on a cruise ship; in a plane; in a five-star restaurant; as a tour guide; or in a hotel, he usually travels a lot. You could take advantage of this to soothe your wanderlust.

Perhaps you feel that you have no experience related to management or did not study hospitality? You might consider running a related program to broaden your horizons while you’re in a paid job role. In the end, you are touring the world!

Being a digital nomad

The Internet has not only allowed easier access to information. It has also made it possible to work remotely from any country of your choice depending on the nature of the job. Now it’s also easier to start your own remote business right from your laptop.

Whether as a freelancer; virtual assistant; Marketer or researcher, being a digital nomad gives you the luxury of funding your wanderlust while earning a sustainable income from your getaways.

Other works

In addition to the list above, you could take on a job that requires world travel, for example working for a high-end home sales or tourism development agency. There are also lucrative opportunities in the import/export business and even journalism.

As long as these jobs take you out of your comfort zone; If he gets rid of nostalgia and relieves his seemingly insatiable urge to explore new auras, then he can deal with them.


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