Six perfect destinations that will infect you with the Christmas spirit


Christmas is right around the corner, and what better than to start it in style by carrying out an international getaway. And it is that, it is also good to travel within our borders, but doing it outside them is something that will allow you to discover how one of the most magical times of the year is lived in other countries, which is why since LOOK We have compiled a series of key destinations that you have to go once in a lifetime to enjoy the days before and after the arrival of Santa Claus.

House in Brooklyn Heights decorated for Christmas / Gtres

First of all, one of the places that has become most fashionable in recent years is none other than alsace. And it is that, in just a few kilometers, there are concentrated a series of towns in which the Christmas spirit is the main protagonist, with an endless number of houses decorated with great detail, and of course, with their own candy canes. of the date. In addition, as if that were not enough, it is also very close to Strasbourg, also known as the Capital of Christmas.

Santa Claus at Christmas / Gtres
Santa Claus at Christmas / Gtres

On the other hand, it is also worth noting the charm that it has bergen, a Norwegian city with many connections from Spain from which you can enjoy traditional markets, and of course, the fjords that can be seen reflected in the sky at this time. But, if the Nordic countries do not convince you, you can also travel to Brussels, where music and Christmas lights reign on those dates to accommodate a show that will be remembered by all those who visit it for a lifetime. In addition, this city also offers several options to have a hot chocolate while you visit its most emblematic corners.

Christmas in New York / Gtres
Christmas in New York / Gtres

If you want to meet Santa Claus, you will have to travel to the very Laplandlocated in the north of Finland, and specifically to Rovaniemi, which is already considered the official city of this character in the Arctic Circle, and which, when it is about to leave to distribute gifts to all the children of the planet, dresses up with many lights to offer its visitors an image that, without a doubt, is worth it. However, in montreuxSwitzerland, you can find the perfect Christmas alternative to Lapland, with a Christmas market overlooking Lake Geneva, an enchanted castle and a train that will take you to the most emblematic snow-capped mountains of the enclave.

And finally, if what you want is to jump into the pond permanently, New York it will be your best choice. Also known as the city that never sleeps, it has several skating rinks at Christmas, as well as giant Christmas trees that try to compete with the famous neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, whose inhabitants spend an average of about 6,000 dollars to improve their facades and their gardens to welcome Santa Claus and the New Year.


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