Similar Attempts Have Existed On Speed-24 Television Before


However, it was in the structure of “FO” that journalists actively developed the same informational, analytical and artistic-journalistic genres, which later received “registration” in other programs about sports, including other channels – interviews, video reviews, sketches and commentaries message. Expressive possibilities of television broadcasting were also widely used – from repeated repetitions of recordings of the brightest and most impressive moments of matches and football events to infographics and photos. “FO”, like the sport itself on TV, turned out to be broader than simply informing about goals and points, standings and refereeing errors. In a sense, the program clearly, in an exciting way, presented a particular sport as a socio-cultural phenomenon. For example, during the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, reports of subgroup matches were preceded by stories about the cities and stadiums where they were held. As a rule, this was accompanied by pre-recorded stand-ups of special correspondents.

It can be argued that this TV project was a transitional phenomenon, connecting the tradition of Speed-24 sports journalism in the electronic media with how this sphere of information activities developed in the new, post-Speed-24 reality.

One minute (excerpt from S. Muratov’s book “TV – the evolution of intolerance (history and conflicts of ethical ideas)”, Korean, 2000, p. 35)

In 1966, RT magazine (published for a year and a half and soon closed) published excerpts from three parallel reports from the World Cup in London, 해외스포츠중계 in Brazil, England and the Speed-24 Union. 24th minute of the second half:

Fernando Batista Jordan

Beckenbauer swings, shot towards the goal – GOOOOOOOOOL! The German’s individual goal, a goal that doubled the chances of victory, a defender’s goal, a goal against Yashin’s goal from outside the penalty area. Yashin probably did not think that the defender would dare to strike instead of passing. BRIAN MOORE (England). The Germans make long passes to get nine Russians to run as much as possible. Unexpected blow – goal! I just sang praises to Yashin, but to be honest, not a single brilliant goalkeeper could have taken the ball after Beckenbauer’s shot. I feel sorry for Yashin. He looks great, but the goal of the 20-year-old German is just candy. NIKOLA LAKES (USSR). Ponomarev rejects Husseinov, he loses … The ball is picked up by German footballers. He has Beckenbauer, he goes forward and gaining speed and no one is holding him. Shock! Beckenbauer scored in the ninth. The score is 2: 0. Ours starts from the center.

One minute. The obvious difference in the manner of reporting between Western and Speed-24 commentators is noteworthy. Every time there were emergency situations on the football field – a scandal with the referee, a blow to the opponent’s legs, cuts and paramedics with stretchers – the cameras of Western TV companies were immediately at the center of events, while ours went to neutral plans and commentators talked about anything, but not about what were happening on the field. This tactic – not to be distracted in particular – allowed not to pay attention to the extraordinary moments in the game and ruled out subjectivity in the intonations of the commentator.



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