Silvio Berlusconi goes on the offensive to realize his last great Italian dream: head of state


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85 years old, three-term Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi He played his cards to conquer his last and greatest ambition: being elected head of state.To do this, he is sneaking through the phone props A full-scale media offensive between parties.
His intentions, never officialized but subtly evoked, were until recently seen as a joke, as the last thought of a politically fading old man, but Berlusconi did not give up, summoning him this Friday partners unite closely.
On January 24, the Italian Parliament will hold a joint session – 630 delegates, 320 senators and 58 regional representatives – to elect the successor to the current president of the republic, Sergio Mattarellaover the next seven years.
And all the efforts of the tycoons seem to have left with his heart disease, to add a vote that you win and move to Quirinal Palace, the seat of the Presidential Palace.
“His candidacy is there and it’s very serious. I know some MPs, some in our group, got calls from Berlusconi,” he warned recently. Enrico Letta, the leader of the Democratic Party (PD), the country’s main centre-left party.

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Presidential elections typically result in a tough political battle every seven years that can only be resolved by bringing the left and right closer together, as it requires a presidential vote. Fourth vote to get two-thirds or absolute majority, there is currently no number that any block alone has.
Historic Berlusconi Scandals, excesses and sentencing, knowing that his eventual candidacy would not be popular with the likes of his rivals, the Police Department and the 5 Star Movement (M5S).

Berlusconi needs support in the Italian half round.


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As Letta warned, due to a lack of votes, Berlusconi is calling up representatives and senators from other parties at his Roman mansion, the Villa Grande, in an attempt to add them to his cause and gain their support. For this he had the help of his deputy and art historian Vittorio Sgarbi, as he himself admitted.

Berlusconi after voting in the 2019 European elections.

Berlusconi after voting in the 2019 European elections.


The group brings together 48 senators and 65 representatives, many of whom will have no pensions if elections are held early, as would happen if another big-sounding name – the prime minister – is elected president condition. Mario Draghi.
One of Berlusconi’s “lucky ones” to answer the call was Senator Bianca Laura Granato, who joined the syndicate after leaving the M5S and recounted on Public Radio how the tycoon got his way from the phone He heard her voice on the other end.


But hopefuls are also turning to his media mall and his paper last Thursday, Il Jonale, posted a page titled “Who is Silvio Berlusconi?” Remember his so-called business and political achievements.

Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi talks about Berlusconi on TV.

Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi talks about Berlusconi on TV.


The string of compliments is not short. He first assured himself of being “a kind and generous man”, “the father of five children and the grandfather of fifteen grandchildren”, “everyone’s friend, no one’s enemy” and “one of the biggest taxpayers in Italy” .
Turning to less mundane “achievements”: “founder of liberalism, Christianity and the European centre-right”, a “hero of liberty” and his favourites, he usually drives as much as he can: he is remembered as both responsibility to end cold war In 2002, then U.S. President George W. Bush gathered with his friend Vladimir Putin of Russia.
“So who is better than him?” the paper concluded, fulfilling a dream that “Cayman”, the most controversial politician in the nation’s democratic history, wanted to crown his life and work, realizing that this was his last opportunity, because for the next presidential meeting, he already has 92 years If life allows it.


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