Silvia Gambino from ‘Marriage Scenes’ dies of cancer


Actress Sylvia Gambino She died last morning at the age of 57 from cancer, her ex-husband Alberto Clozas Jr. confirmed on his Instagram account. “Goodbye, Sylvia. You left to make everyone you meet laugh wherever you go, with the character you adored and gave you so many hits, Rosita,” the naive and crazy comedian who accompanied Joseph Louis Moreno on the Night life.

Born in Sicily, Gambino became extremely popular in Spain after working on various productions by José Luis Moreno such as the program Night lifewhere she was one of the main characters in Telechinko’s sketches about Married and after the sitcom wedding scenes. “You left very young, life is unfair and cancer won the battle, but I will not take away your smile. Rest in peace Silvia Gambino, you will always be in my memory and in my heart. See you. Chao,” he said, the ex-husband said goodbye to her.

He began working on television in 1979, in the Valerio Lazarov program. summaryalthough his theater career began when he was only 17 years old. TV shows were his natural space; from what a crazy barberEloy Arenas, and in great shape, with director Hugo Stuven; He also worked on the TV show Fascinated by lifewith Concha Velasco and dangerous blondewith Ana Garcia Obregon.

Although his greatest popularity is due to his unforgettable “Rosita”, written by Night lifecomic role that he has been developing since 1999 on TVE 1. Since 2002 he has joined one of the program’s most successful sketches, Married, playing Marina, the disillusioned wife of Roberto (Alfredo Cernuda). In September 2008 he joined wedding scenes as Asuna, a character similar to Marina, another housewife who has been married to Emilio (Santiago Urrialde) for 16 years. Participated in the program in November 2019 living life in honor of the 30th anniversary of Telecinco. This was the last time she starred in one of her “married couples” along with her “husband” Pepe Ruiz.


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