Significance Of Dupatta In Fashion Trending Among The Women

Significance Of Dupatta In Fashion Trending Among The Women

One of the most important accessories that women carry with them at all times, be it in summer or winter, is their dupatta. Women’s dupattas

can be worn as a shawl or scarf, draped around the head, or wrapped around the head and shoulders to protect you from cold winds while stepping out on a winter evening.

The dupatta’s usage goes beyond the realm of fashion trends too; its sheer fabric can also protect the wearer from rain and dust particles during monsoon season. With so many functionalities and benefits attached to the typical Pakistani woman’s dupatta, it certainly deserves some recognition in fashion trends.

Women Dupattas as Fashion

Ever since time immemorial, Dupattas have been worn by women across religions and cultures. The simple yet stylish fabric has been a part of our culture for hundreds of years and has truly stood its test of time, remaining one of today’s most sought after fashion accessories among women. For example, Pakistani brides commonly wear Dupattas to cover their heads during their wedding ceremony. It is customary for them to keep on wearing it as long as they are married.

Dupattas as Health and Wellness

Women dupattas aren’t just an excellent accessory, they can be a wellness resource. Dupattas are able to keep you healthy by blocking out harmful UV rays during your commute. The constant exposure to these can lead to premature ageing and skin cancer, but with a well-placed dupatta, you won’t have to worry about that!

So grab yourself one of our durable dupattas and go rock it at work today. On top of their unique style, Studio by TCS women’s dupattas also provide necessary health benefits.

The History of Dupattas

Dupattas became an essential part of women’s fashion trend for ages. To understand its significance and purpose you have to go back to its history. As written by Wikipedia, Dupatta is a long scarf or stitched rectangular cloth worn over the shoulder or elbow (mostly by women) which forms a part of traditional dress including ghagra choli, kurti, etc.

Dupatta has been used as traditional clothing for women at least from 200 BC in Central Asia and South Asia. In India, dupattas are usually made from cotton fabric and they are heavily embroidered with mirror work on either side.

A bride wears drape-like wedding dresses known as lehengas, most of which come with intricately designed dupattas that enhance their beauty even more during ceremonial occasions such as weddings.

How To Wear A Dupatta?

If you’re wondering how to wear a dupatta, it’s really quite simple. Whether you’re looking for ways to add flair and colour to your wardrobe or are trying to dress more modestly, finding ways to incorporate dupattas into your outfit is easy. A few different types of clothing can benefit from a good dupatta.

Cholis, kurtis and saris are all popular places to start with a women dupatta that adds spice while still keeping things covered up. It’s also common to see long-sleeved tops that simply need one little flourish – i.e., a patterned scarf wrapped around – to kick them up several levels on the style scale.

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