Sidecars bets on “Thirteen”: “He was chasing us”

Madrid group strollerswhich began its journey in 2006, released its seventh studio album ‘Thirteen’. “We felt like the number 13 haunted us a bit. We became obsessed with it during the recording of the album. And when you get obsessed with something, you see it everywhere,” Juancho (vocalist) explains, “a number that should bring misfortune -for some-, we believe it brings us the opposite. We placed a bet on him to see if he would return it to us.“.

It has to be, because he was “the first one to fixate on 13,” says Herbass (bassist). Since then, the rest began to see him “everywhere.” “There’s been a series of coincidences but it’s rather strange, like suddenly the studio was number 13, all the good shots were at 13, I went to buy wine and when we uncorked it, 13 appeared … We said it’s a signFollowing this impulse, they decided to call their number 7 album “Trece”.

It’s a comforting piece of work that takes us back to the familiar bar and takes a turn from “180 degrees” into our lives to get out “Flight Mode” in which we have been all this time and leaving behind “the strange thing that we have experienced in recent years”, running as “Wild Horses”winking three pre-singles from this albumwith hundreds of thousands of reproductions, views and downloads almost since its release.

Yes, a pandemic is inevitable. Although Juancho, the author of all texts, does not directly mention this. Here is the merit. he follows “talking about our things” by using “my experience”. What he has always done: tell his stories, face his fears, laugh at his failures… A truth that is easy to identify with and that later passes through the group filter. Fair – three imprints of the character of the group. “The Sound of the Stroller” is already a reality.

Trece is already on the street and they just want to share it with their audience. They start the tour in Malaga November 18, and the tour will include two important meetings. On the one hand, on December 23 in St. Club Sant Jordi in Barcelona (building adjacent to Palau Sant Jordi). And, on the other hand, on December 28 in St. WiZink Center in Madrid. It is the first time in the temple of culture in Madrid and this is important. “This is a step for us”assures Juancho, “of our life and in our career.”


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