‘Shrinking’ Teaser: Harrison Ford stars with Jason Segel on Apple TV+ ‘Ted Lasso’ Team Comedy – Thelocalreport.in


it took a long time to Harrison Ford to land a major role on television, and in a preview of the upcoming Apple TV+ series.”ContractionHe doesn’t seem very happy about it. In the minute-long clip, featuring the cast of the upcoming sitcom, a springboard and no dialogue, Ford throws a disappointed face at his co-star. jason segel before leaving.

It’s a perfectly mystified reaction from the Star Wars legend and Indiana Jones, setting up an intriguing new series from the creators of “ted lasso.” In addition to the springboard clip and some first-look images (all below), the streamer also revealed a January 27 release date. The preview shows Segel and the series’ supporting cast jumping on a springboard between the tagline: “Sometimes you have to break to have a breakthrough.”

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Don’t let the title fool you: Ford isn’t going short, but instead will be playing a therapist, more like a psychiatrist, opposite Segel. Segel’s character is a grieving therapist who, ignoring his own training and ethics, begins to tell his clients exactly what he thinks, causing major changes in their lives. Ford plays another doctor described as a “blue collar psychiatrist” who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, forcing him out of his physical and emotional comfort zone as he must deal with family and friends separated from him.

“Ted Lasso” co-creator Bill Lawrence created “Shrinking” with Segel and the “Ted Lasso” star…


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