Should I Drive or Ship my Car?

Should I Drive or Ship my Car?

For many Americans driving is not only a rite of passage, it is an essential part of everyday life. Just as important as the act of driving, the cars we choose to keep commuting safe and comfortable. With more time spent behind the wheel, it is no surprise that over time our cars begin to feel like part of the family. This relationship heightens concerns in care in relation to our automobiles.

When presented with the opportunity to move for work, dealing with the logistics of driving your vehicle to your new home, on top of uprooting your life may be overwhelming. Should you choose to have your car shipped to your destination, it is important to consider your options. Affordability, convenience, and security all play a role in selecting the best option for you and your car.

Many factors go into deciding whether one should drive or ship a car. Distance is a very important factor to consider, if the destination is only a couple hundred miles away then it would make more sense to drive than to ship it and it would be quicker. If the distance is an extreme number of miles away then shipping it may be a better option because it will save mileage and energy on the car, keeping the car in better condition. Furthermore, looking at how many miles the car already has and the condition the car is in can help decide if it should be driven or shipped. A new car with no miles that is brand new could go both ways. An older car with say over 100,000 miles may need to be shipped instead of driven if the destination is far to prevent wear on the car and allow it to last longer. Efficiency is important for the functioning of the car and how it is transported. Obviously, if the car needs to go across the water it will have to be shipped and there are no other options. This topic is unique and scenarios come into play when making the decision to drive or ship a car. There is no right or wrong way of doing this

Realistically, driving takes time and gas, both of which can be expensive and should be considered when selecting an auto transport service company to ship your vehicle. Researching insurance coverage and the driving records of the companies you are considering may bring you peace of mind when it comes time to hand over your keys. First, when it comes to driving across country you get to visit several sightings, visit places you have always wanted to go to. With that being said, a downside is that you put many miles added onto your vehicle. Shipping a vehicle will save you from having to give your car general maintenance checks, saves you miles, and everything that goes along with getting prepared to travel across country in a car. Another con for driving is making sure your vehicle is up to date, and everything is maintained. Making sure as well that you have a contingency plan, such as what to do if you receive a flat tire, making sure you follow all posted speed limits and obeying all laws of each state you pass through such as wearing seatbelts, etc. Searching for the cheapest shipping option may save you money up front but leave your car vulnerable due to the method of shipping.

Vehicles can be shipped in open or closed containers. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks. An open container, while less expensive is also more readily available. As the name suggests, cars shipped are opened to the air and at risk for damage via debris encountered during transportation. Closed container shipment protects your vehicle but at a higher cost. As such, you must always compare rates before taking a decision to ship your car. Someone who owns a classic car may want it shipped in an enclosed trailer to protect it from damage.

Regardless of the option you choose, you must get your car in the shipping company’s hands before it hits the road. For the busy individual with little time to spare, dropping your car off at a terminal location might be the best option. With ride services such as Uber and Lyft, concerns of someone to pick you up from the drop off location are fleeting. However, given the change in work habits amidst the COVID-19 pandemic having someone meet you at home may be a better option for most people today.

Affordability, vehicle safety, and convenience should all be considered when researching a car transport company. Car shipping services prove to be an invaluable resource when taking these factors as well as others into consideration. Any reputable car transport company will make it clear that they realize that cars are like family and the decision on who to trust with their care should not be taken lightly. If you choose to ship your car, researching to find a balance of factors that fit your needs is the best place to start. Rest assured that in the right hands, your car will meet you safe and sound at your destination.

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