Shocking document that could affect the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: Ecuador qualified with a non-existent player


Tuesix months before World Cup 2022 in QatarThe controversy erupted after the Chilean Football Federation filed a complaint about serious violations related to Ecuador squad during qualifying.

Ecuador allegedly covered up the real identity of one of its recruits, a player named Byron Castillo. Chile has already reported allegedly forged documentation to FIFA, demanding that they take Ecuador’s place in the World Cup.

Chilean Football Federation lawyer Eduardo Carlezzo told MARCA that Castillo’s documents were fake, noting that the player was Colombian.

Castillo played eight games with Ecuador in World Cup qualifiers, two of them against Chile.

“We have filed a complaint with FIFA in connection with what we believe is a very serious incident involving the call-up of player Byron Castillo to the Ecuador national team,” Carlezzo told MARCA.

“We investigated the case thoroughly to really understand where the player was born, and it is clear to us that he was born in Colombia.

“We categorically state that Byron Javier Castillo Segura was born in Tumaco, Colombia on July 25, 1995, and Byron David Castillo Segura, who was supposed to be born on November 10, 1998, does not exist. he is a ghost. This is falsification, forgery and even a crime under the laws of Ecuador..”

Carlezzo went on to provide more information on how the documents were allegedly forged, and it all started with a now-suspended football club in Ecuador.

“The case has a very solid narrative based on documents that show how document forgery began in Ecuador,” Carlezzo added.

“You have to keep in mind that this all starts with a very deep scheme of forging and falsifying player documents. It all started in 2012 in the province of Guayas. [in Ecuador] with a club called North America. It was in this club that Byron Castillo was registered in 2012.

“The Ecuadorian federation itself called this club the epicenter of the falsification of documents of players in Ecuador, and later its activities were suspended. Several employees were also arrested for this.”

The Chilean federation also requested a hearing with FIFA, due to the severity of the incident, for the player to give his opinion on the matter. So far, FIFA has not responded to the complaint.

Can Chile play the World Cup in Qatar?

Chile are surprised by this scandal, which affected the World Cup a few months before the start of the tournament. Ecuador finished fourth in qualifying, but now Chile is in contention for La Tri’s place at the World Cup in Qatar.

Response from the Ecuadorian Football Federation

For its part, the Ecuadorian Football Federation issued this statement in response to the statements of the Chilean Football Federation that they “will be ready to demonstrate before FIFA or before the necessary body that we have always acted legally and that our well-deserved qualification for the World Cup in Qatar 2022 is the result of this.”


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